3 reasons we chose sharpspring

Marketing automation softwares have grown in popularity over the last 5 years or more. They can vary from complex systems that can help you in every aspect of your digital marketing, to those that only manage a few things. This means that they can also vary widely in price as well. To find the right system for any business can be a daunting task.

We landed on SharpSpring for a number of reasons, but the big picture reason is that it gave our clients the most power for the price of any other marketing automation software out there. But let’s take a look at why SharpSpring is better for most businesses and organizations.

Reason 1: They Give You Only What You Need

There’s a big difference between powerful systems and bloated ones. Most companies and organizations struggle enough with how to handle their digital marketing without adding additional complexities and features that people rarely use. SharpSpring does a great job of balancing powerful tools with features that people rarely use.

For example, most agencies already have keyword research tools to help their clients with SEO. While they may be an added expense to the agency, but they’re not to the client. HubSpot has added this as a feature to their software. It doesn’t have the powerful tools that something like Moz or SEMRush do, while at the same time giving may folks a feature they don’t really know how to leverage.

Reason 2: They Make Automation Simple (for Less Money)

I’m not going to deny that most other platforms make it fairly simple to manage your marketing automation. Most of these systems have similar capabilities, especially ones who integrate with site tracking. The point was that we needed a system that could do that for us and our clients for a major cost difference.

Having a system that is powerful, simple, and affordable allows us to use our clients’ budget for the things that the system does, instead of on the software. The real power comes from having SharpSpring be simple so we can get more done in less time. This allows us to keep the number of activities we do to increase and not blow up someone’s marketing budget.

Reason 3: They Give Us the Power to Support

Having regular check ins with our clients is important. Even if that check in is simply them saying that something isn’t working properly. By SharpSpring giving us the ability to support our own clients without them allows us to keep in regular contact and solve our client’s problems faster than having to go through a large company’s ticket system.

They of course offer us support when we’re stumped (which does happen) but by minimizing that interaction they help keep costs down for themselves and pass that savings on to us and our clients.

Their Model is All About Our Clients

From pricing to support, from features to the interface’s design, SharpSpring is all about the client. While I know that other software’s like Pardot and Marketo are robust and have strong support systems, SharpSpring’s ability to do all the same things for 1/10th the cost helps our clients be competitive with larger businesses. If you want to learn more about SharpSpring and it’s features along side the other players in the market, check out our comparison guide.

Published 10/29/18 by Eric Lynch