September 12th, 2018

5 B2C Advertising Strategies for Small Businesses

Author: Eric Lynch
Eric Lynch
Partner & Director of Business Development

Whether you’re a new business or an established one understanding digital advertising strategies that can help your business grow your B2C sales. The biggest hurdle for many businesses is understanding what those strategies are and how to use them.

We’ll explore three different areas: Social Media, Google Ads, sponsorships, and mobile advertising. Each of these areas has tons of ways that you can market to your goals, but we’ll hit the highlights.

Social Media: Messenger Ads

Facebook messenger is a new method for your ad placement. Many of us blow by ads in our feed but when they’re looking you right in the eye when you get a messenger notification, it is a little hard to ignore.

With that said, make sure you use bright colors and short messages to catch the attention of the reader. They are, after all, there to read a message from a friend or family member.

Social Media: Video Ads

Is your brand unique? Are you a funny person? No really – you better be damn funny if you want to pull off unique videos on Facebook or Instagram. But if you don’t have that particular skill set there are other ways that you can hit your target audience. Instead of trying to be disruptive with your comedy or shock, you can use retargeting video ads to remind people of where they’ve been.


It’s also a good idea if you’re tracking your ad spending to offer promo codes so you know where someone came from. That way you can also know where to spend your growth money to keep the good times rolling.

Google Ads: Remarketing

Every business ever should be using remarketing. But as a small B2C company trying to get their brand out there, this is a must. Bonus, it can be really cheap. If you’ve got a few hundred visitors to your website a day you can have tens of thousands of internet impressions every month for a fraction of most ad platforms.

If you want to grow brand awareness, this is the tool to do it.


I’m not talking about your local chamber of commerce golf outing. Although if you’re a golf shop, by all means go for it. No I’m talking about digital sponsorships. That can be podcasts, YouTubers, or even something as simple as a local charity’s newsletter. Something that’s trackable and quantifiable. If it links to you, you can track it.

Use discounts and promo codes to really see how many wins your sponsorships are getting.

Mobile Advertising

When people come into your store, ask for their phone number. At this point in human history 90% of them are going to be cell phones. Use those phone numbers to send text discounts and alerts of upcoming sales. We’re on our phones hours a day, and everyone love the ping of a new text. Use that for some unadulterated eyeballs on your sales.


The best part about a lot of these is the fact that because of the way they’re structured or advancements in technology they don’t have to cost a lot to get something back. The other great part about digital advertising is that it’s all quantifiable. We know where our advertising dollars are being spent now. It will help you shape your investments and grow even faster.

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