Content Manager & Marketing Assistant


The Position:

You will be acting as a liaison between the marketing and web development teams, working to handle content management tasks ranging from the build out of web pages on popular CMSs (primarily WordPress) to working with email marketing and social media platforms. These tasks include things like laying out and building landing pages, compiling email newsletters, scheduling blog posts, managing social media posts, etc… Routine content management responsibilities include light design work, image editing, and exhibiting good taste in layout and formatting of text and pages.

In addition to these responsibilities, there will be other loose tasks that need to be tended to, including things like customer service, support, training, proofreading, assembling documentation, or assisting with quality control reviews or compiling reports.

This is a generalist position that will give you broad exposure to a variety of aspects of working in a web development and marketing agency environment, as well as exposure to a wide range of clients and industries.

What We Do:

We are a full service web design, development, and marketing agency. We specialize in taking on our clients’ business goals, developing strategic campaigns, and creating custom solutions, from inception to execution. Clients come to us because they’re looking for insight and guidance on the areas in which they aren’t experts, as well as turn-key execution on the strategy we develop, so they can stay focused on those aspects of their business that only they can do. 

The Right Person for this Job:

  • Has a collaborative mindset: this position is all about connecting the dots for others to get the job out the door
  • Is efficient, organized, and process oriented: if a process doesn’t exist for something, you’re thinking about how to develop one 
  • Takes proactive steps to keep projects moving forward: you know how to prompt others for what you need when you don’t have it
  • A problem solver: not every task has an obvious solution and you don’t mind thinking out of the box
  • Asks for Help: Everyone here supports each other in their roles, sharing our expertise so that each of us gets the benefit of our cross-disciplinary team


  • Familiar with modern CMSs especially WordPress
  • Comfortable with Adobe products for handling simple layout tasks for marketing designs and image editing
  • Know your way around email marketing / automation platforms such as MailChimp, HubSpot, Marketo, Pardot
  • Proficient in use of standard Microsoft Office suite of applications (Word, Excel, PPT)
  • Basic exposure to web analytics platforms (Google Analytics, Moz, SEMrush) and willingness to learn your way around new tools

Workflow Includes:

  • The first step in a project is often identifying what is missing or what is needed. This can involve a discovery process that begins with auditing client’s existing websites and marketing materials and compiling detailed/organized notes, sitemap sketches, etc…
  • Gathering materials is often the next step, identifying what already exists (and getting access to it) or figuring out what needs to be created from scratch. This goes for copy as well as design assets. 
  • Once a website has been developed, it will be your job to flesh out the skeleton with content that is migrating from the existing site or developed by the creative team. 
  • Building out content, whether on a website, newsletter, or landing page can require basic page layout skills so that the content we make remains inline with the standards set throughout the rest of the website or marketing campaign.
  • Once a site is fully fleshed out, making edits and doing cross-browser compatibility review is often part of the job.
  • Other marketing duties cover things like helping to pull screenshots of analytics and assemble them into monthly reports.
  • In general, we just need someone who can be available to fill in and assist on anything that the marketing team needs to keep the engine running smoothly. That could be making a social post, editing an image, getting the right file format for a logo, or proof-reading a blog or proposal before it goes out to a client. 


  • 1-2+ years of experience doing client work across a variety of web/marketing disciplines
  • Intermediate knowledge of the full suite of Adobe products, including Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign
  • Capable of holding your own in a client meeting: Communication skills are a must, including the discipline to maintain professionalism while listening, responding, and remaining proactive with suggestions/solutions 
  • Comfortable working remotely with limited supervision and able to respond to constructively-critical feedback in a collaborative manner

We are a small, tight knit company designing and developing custom websites, and implementing content-marketing campaigns from brand positioning to the strategic deployment of creative deliverables.

Remote Position – Part-Time Contract:

We are looking for someone with experience contracting and comfortable with the pace of intermittent part-time work. As we have more hours there is the possibility of steady part-time or full-time employment, but this is not necessarily the desired end-goal. We want to make arrangements that are a good fit for our mutual needs and lifestyles.

Why Work Here:

We provide a flexible schedule and working arrangements. Full time remote work is something that we accommodated even before the pandemic, and it’s an arrangement that we’re very comfortable with. 

We sincerely believe in work/life balance, and creating relationships both with clients and employees that are built for the long-term. While we want our hours to be flexible, we also don’t expect or pressure our team to work evenings or weekends. We don’t want you checking your email at night, we want you to come back refreshed and rested every day. 

We are focused on providing an environment where employees are learning and growing everyday. Having a cross-disciplinary team and a wide range of clients and projects means there’s always something new to learn and opportunities to level up your professional skills and experience. 

We value autonomy. We want each employee to have ownership over their work, and we want to get out of the way so you can focus on doing your best work.

We are a diverse, inclusive workplace. All races, sexes, genders, and orientations are welcome.

Company Description:

build/create studios is a website design, development, and marketing company based in Ann Arbor Michigan since 2010. We work with a wide range of businesses and organizations to develop websites that solve problems and drive success. This covers anything from designing and developing websites, to helping clients execute on a marketing campaign from the conceptual stages of brand-strategy, all the way through the deployment of creative deliverables. 

We are currently a small team of 8-10 people. Our company culture is casual, friendly, and you’ll be part of a tight-knit team that gets direct exposure to client-work. You’ll be doing projects where you can see the impact of your work and get quick feedback to continually improve the project you work on and grow your own skills and experience over the long haul. 

If you’re working here, you’re always learning, tackling new challenges, and developing as a professional – and you’re working with a team that cares about doing the same.