March 10th, 2012

And More Office Ergonomics!

ergonomic office work station

Another Step Towards Ergonomic Perfection

Following another piece of advice from our office ergonomics friends at Humantech we took another step towards creating a more ergonomic office by adding laptop stands, with external keyboards and mice. This moves the screen of the laptop up higher which puts it at a more natural and neutral viewing angle, resulting in less stress in the neck and spine. An Australian site, Ergonomic Rescue, as a great little diagram to help illustrate:

what we got

We started out on a few recommendations from the consultants at Humantech, and then found products that would fit both the ergonomic and aesthetic needs of our office.

  • Goldtouch Go! Notebook Stand – It’s super compact (folds up!) and matches our Apple products perfectly.
  • TwelveSouth Hoverbar – We were blown away by the quality of this iPad stand/arm.  It clamps onto your desk or monitor/iMac and holds your iPad, like a boss.
  • Microsoft Arc Mouse – For our non-Bluetooth wielding member of the team we snapped up Microsoft’s entry into the world of sexy-mice.  It works great, and looks like something out of Star Trek.
  • Apple Bluetooth Keyboard – A classic, super compact and mobile, and always in style.
  • Apple Magic Mouse – My favorite mouse.
  • Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard – Just discovered this one- a great design, nice flat keys, slim profile, and extra special, it runs on light.


So far so good!  Every little bit helps to create a better looking, and more ergonomic work space.

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