Hiring: Inbound Marketing Specialist

Inbound Marketing Specialist

The Position:
Inbound Marketing Specialist needed to handle the execution of online marketing campaigns for a diverse client base. Responsibilities include developing strategy for marketing campaigns, auditing sites and preparing reports, developing and executing content strategy, managing PPC campaigns, and analyzing user behavior, optimizing for conversion rate, and interpreting analytics.

What’s Involved:

  • Provide SEO Audits
  • Prepare and present reports on a variety of online marketing strategies and tactics
  • Develop strategy documents that outline goals and process for executing online marketing campaigns
  • Manage both clients and a team of content creators
  • Content creation and copy writing is a regular part of the job
  • Manage paid media accounts including Google Adwords, Facebook, LinkedIn
  • Optimize on-site content for SEO and conversion rates using CMS tools (WordPress)

Skills Requirements:

1-2 years of experience desired. Must be familiar with marketing automation platforms, and have expert level knowledge of Google Analytics, Google Adwords, SEO best practices, and Social advertising including Facebook & LinkedIn. Most be able to demonstrate experience blogging for SEO and Inbound campaigns and thorough knowledge of best practices for Content Marketing. Strategic and analytic thinking and the ability to communicate both strategy and the analysis are also vital.

People skills are also a must. You will be interacting directly with clients and be expected to maintain both a clear vision of the project’s current status and future goals, but also maintain the client relationship so that they understand both the deliverables provided and the value added. Should be able to compose and present reports and hold your own in a meeting – whether that’s to kickoff a project or close a sale.

To be determined based on the skills and experience of the applicant.

Remote Position:
This is a remote position and does not require you to come into the office. If you are local you may come in for key meetings, but this is not a requirement of the position.

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