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How social media can help you market to different personas.

How Social Media Can Help You Market to Different Personas

You have several target personas to reach. Here’s how social media can help. You’re a non-profit. You need to market your organization to donors, volunteers, and the group of people you serve. How do you communicate your message without confusing your audience? You’re an interior design business. You work with both home decorations and large… read more

design with purpose

Episode 05: Design with Purpose

In today’s episode we cover “Design with Purpose” – what it means to us, and what it should mean to anyone undertaking a website design project. The design isn’t for us, it’s not even for you; it’s for your audience. Know what that means.

Icons of various consumer profiles over a world map

How to Build Consumer Profiles

Be better at marketing to your target audience. You know who your ideal customer is, right? Most businesses we work with have in mind a customer persona—not a real person, but a general type of person they can readily identify and describe. This is information that you may already have absorbed subconsciously while working with… read more

Episode 06: Lead Generation vs. Brand Reinforcement

In this episode, we cover the primary purposes of informational marketing sites and talk about the difference between lead generation and brand reinforcement.

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Usability Testing: design with data, not guesswork.

Do you how your visitors use your site? Do you make design decisions about your website in a bubble? We all have opinions and preferences. They’re based on what we think looks nice, which words tickle our fancy, private aversions or attractions we may not even be aware of. Maybe we catch ourself saying things… read more

understanding analytics

Episode 09: Understanding Analytics – Metrics

In today’s episode we continue our series on Understanding Analytics by covering the various Metrics that make up a good sales funnel. We’ll talk about what each one is, and why it’s important.

How to Use Heat Mapping for Your Business

I suppose we should start off by asking the question, what is heat mapping on a website? Heat mapping is tracking how a user interfaces with your website. It shows where they click, what they read, and what areas of the website get the most attention. You then map those graphically to get a visual… read more

You Need to Abandon Your Ego if You Want an Amazing Website

Are you really thinking about what your customers need? One of the biggest hurdles we have to overcome as designers and user advocates is convincing the client that they are not, in fact, their own customer. Even if you belong to the same demographic, you’re still too close to the situation. It’s human nature, and we encounter the… read more

user experience

Creating a better user experience

Designing with a user-centric focus When a user lands on a website, they should be able to… well, use it. They shouldn’t have to play hide-and-go-seek for the content they’re looking for. Good user experience is the end-result of research, experimentation, and implementation of design and functionality. It’s based on real human behaviors, preferences, and… read more

Anthropology in the Workplace

Anthropology as a service is a hard sell. The biggest hurdle that we run into is not explaining what anthropology is, but how it can be applied to design and development projects. People generally have their own ideas of anthropology and anthropologists. These usually revolve around Indiana Jones, digging up dinosaur bones, or years spent… read more