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We’re updating our hosting services

Offering you a simpler way to stay secure In the past, we’ve avoided hosting our clients’ sites. We’ve had strong philosophical reasons for this, all of which boil down to: we want you to be in charge of your own site. So many times, we’ve seen web developers use hosting as a way of holding… read more

How much does a website cost for membership organizations?

Making sense of the website market Building a website is like buying a house: most people don’t do it very often, and when they do, they quickly find themselves out of depth in a chaotic market where prices are all over the map and with a risk of making a poor decision. It’s a stressful… read more

Conditional Logic and Offline Payment Options

So you’d like to be able to pay offline This post addresses a real-life support request we received a few weeks ago regarding credit card processing and a conditional logic field on a form. We hadn’t encountered this problem before, but it turns out it’s a rather easy trap to fall into. The basic answer… read more

How non-profits can save on transaction fees

Make the most of your donations As a non-profit, you’re working hard to raise donations. Because you want to make this process expedient for your donors, you offer multiple payment options—including credit cards. The problem is, credit cards transaction fees take a bite out of each donation. And while each transaction fee is rather small (about… read more