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Creating a better user experience

Designing with a user-centric focus When a user lands on a website, they should be able to… well, use it. They shouldn’t have to play hide-and-go-seek for the content they’re looking for. Good user experience is the end-result of research, experimentation, and implementation of design and functionality. It’s based on real human behaviors, preferences, and… read more

Teaching business anthropology, pt. III

Last fall I took a part-time teaching position and was helping to teach a Business Anthropology class. It was an interesting experience, the kind where you love and hate the experience at the same time. I really enjoyed teaching; I enjoyed explaining concepts, answering questions, asking questions to students, when I could tell the students… read more

Teaching business anthropology, pt. II

I never thought that teaching was a particularly easy job. Keeping people’s attention, making the discussion something that students can relate to, keeping their attention, getting students to participate… it can be stressful. Teaching business anthropology doesn’t make this job any easier. A vast majority of my students are not anthropology majors. In fact, I… read more

Teaching business anthropology

As a practicing anthropologist, I purposely work outside of the academic sphere every day, applying the theoretical frameworks, methods, and tools of anthropology to problems and questions that revolve around how and why people perform tasks online and through technology. Even so, there was no reason why I wouldn’t teach if I were given the… read more

Anthropology in the Workplace

Anthropology as a service is a hard sell. The biggest hurdle that we run into is not explaining what anthropology is, but how it can be applied to design and development projects. People generally have their own ideas of anthropology and anthropologists. These usually revolve around Indiana Jones, digging up dinosaur bones, or years spent… read more

On business anthropology, ethics, and practice.

Ethnography has been growing in popularity in the last few decades, so much so that there is a professional conference dedicated to corporate ethnography–the Ethnographic Praxis in Corporations Conference (EPIC). There are even firms that specialize in the ethnographic method, hiring anthropologists to research consumers and understanding why people do the things they do. Last… read more

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What the hell is audience analysis?

Here at build/create we’ve adopted an anthropological way of approaching usability and design. The first step in this process is to have someone around that can think anthropologically. That means someone who can get to know the people that will be engaging with the brand and understanding their perspective. (That’s me.) How we start. I’m… read more