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4 Reasons Not to Develop Your New Website In-House

4 Reasons Not to Develop Your New Website In-House

Here’s why you need outside help for your web development project. Your website needs an update. You’ve known it all year—maybe longer—but you’ve been putting it off. With all the other projects you have going, it hasn’t seemed like a top priority. But now the situation is dire enough that you’re ready to invest funds… read more

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Episode 11: How much does a website cost?

In today’s post we’ll look at how much website cost by breaking the topic down into the options and variables that determine the price ranges that websites fall into and where a project can fall within those ranges. If you’d like more details on what a website costs, download our free Pricing Guide!

how to write an RFP

Episode 12: How to write an RFP

In today’s post we tackle the topic of how to write an RFP including some useful Do’s and Don’ts so that you can identify the best vendor for you and have a successful website project.

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How do you prevent scope creep in web projects?

Stay within your budget and don’t change anything. Scope creep forms one of the most common concerns at some point during almost any web project. You start out with a plan all parties feel comfortable about, work starts moving along, and suddenly… changes sneak into the project, blowing the budget out of the water and doubling… read more

Core Deliverables for Simple Websites 2016

Core Deliverables for Simple Websites – 2016 Update

Backstory: In 2010 we wrote a post on core deliverables for simple sites and since then it’s become our most popular post. A lot has happened in the intervening six years and while a lot of that post still holds true, it’s about time for an update.  Read the original post here- Core Deliverables for… read more

A Comprehensive Website Launch Checklist (Part One)

Hi, everybody – today, we’re going to go over my comprehensive checklist for launching any website. Part one will focus on the basics that you want to cover for ANY website launch. Being ready for your site launch is really all about one thing: quality control. There are tons of tiny things you need to… read more

6 Questions to Ask Yourself When Building a Manufacturing Website

You’ve probably been doing the same sales and marketing of your manufacturing company since its inception. You have had the same website for the last 10 years and you feel it’s time to improve your image and branch out in your marketing and sales efforts. But where do you start when you’re building your manufacturing… read more

Pro-tip: Solving the problem of Schrodinger’s estimate

If you’ve worked in web development for any period of time, you’ve probably encountered the following problem: A client asks you for an estimate on a new deliverable. The deliverable is complicated or just nuanced and so some discovery work is required to provide an accurate estimate. In some cases, it takes fours hours of… read more

Why you should commit to a weekly blog

Write what you know. Write what you love. Well, I love blogging, and as it’s what I do for a living, I conveniently know a bit about it. And while writing a blog about writing a blog may seem a little meta, I’m going to go for it anyway on the basis of: I care…. read more

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“I’m not paying you to learn this.”

If I had a nickel… If you work in the custom services business, you’ve probably heard this before, or some variation of it. “I don’t want to pay you to learn how to do this.” or “I’m not paying you to learn on the job.” Something of that nature. This is the wrong attitude to have…. read more