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Step 3 podcast

Introducing our new podcast Step 3

Lessons in business, professionalism, and life. Introducing Step 3, our new podcast!  Step 3 expands upon a conference talk I give regularly that always seems to run over on time as I ramble on about the rollercoaster ride of professional life. As the talk has resonated with audiences in the past, I hope this podcast will be… read more

Step 3 podcast

Step 3: EP2 – Email Anarchy ft. Alex Beaudin

Inbox Zero is dead, Long Live Email Anarchy Or something. Remember when you got AOL in the mid nineties and the flush of excitement hearing that weird voice say “You’ve Got Mail” would bring?  So much so that they even made a bloody movie about it?  No one feels that way about email any more…. read more

Cartographer – WordPress maps you’ll love

 We made a map plugin, and it’s going to be awesome. We use plugins of every shape and size every day, and more and more we find ourselves saying “You know, I think we could do this better…”.  Thus Cartographer was born! For the initial release functionality is limited, focusing on catching up to existing… read more

build/create work stations featured on ergonomics blog

After recently building our own standing work bar (you can read all about that in our previous post) an ergonomics consulting company – Humantech – decided to feature our setup on their blog, The 30-inch View. Sure, ergonomic workstations can be costly, but they don’t have to be. Ask Ann Arbor web design agency build/create studios. The company’s… read more

Introducing Agreeable

Meet Agreeable, our first WordPress Plugin. During development for the National Wildlife Federation‘s Wildlife Nation project we found a need to have users agree to the community’s terms & conditions prior to registering.  You might think, as I did: “Oh this should be easy, everyone uses that!” The truth?  Not so much. So we set… read more

We’re back from Wordcamp Chicago 2013!

It was a great weekend at Wordcamp Chicago 2013. I’ll start off by saying thank you to all the organizers and speakers. Everything went off without a hitch, well except of course for the congestion in the city due to Friday’s Chicago Black hawks Stanley Cup parade and Sunday’s Pride parade. But guess what? As… read more

WordCamp Grand Rapids 2013 Recap

WordCamp GR was awesome. The developers and designers in the WordPress community are just a plain ol’ awesome bunch of folks.  This year we heard some great talks on intentional design, WordPress hacks, SASS, and UX/Accessibility concerns.  Here are a few of the highlights… hack all the users! @brennenbyrne gave a great talk on WordPress… read more

audience analysis user experience anthropology

What the hell is audience analysis?

Here at build/create we’ve adopted an anthropological way of approaching usability and design. The first step in this process is to have someone around that can think anthropologically. That means someone who can get to know the people that will be engaging with the brand and understanding their perspective. (That’s me.) How we start. I’m… read more

Project management, diner style

After a tour of the Menlo innovations office we were determined to make their process fit our much smaller team and workflow. Inspired by order carousels at diners we quickly outfitted ourselves with magnets and index cards. Pure genius. We utilized their notecard system- using index cards with a specific format and sticky note system… read more

Welcome to 2013, lets get reaquainted.

Wow.  2012 was an amazing journey of growth for us at build/create, in nearly every way possible!  Entering our third year of business under the build/create moniker we are hitting the ground running with a lot of amazing new things going on… New hires The influx of design work necessitated the addition of another full… read more