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How to Use Tags in WordPress

How to Use Tags in WordPress

Blog tags are a key way to organize content. Here’s how to use them strategically. Any business planning to adopt blogging as a serious part of their content strategy is likely to run into a familiar problem: how to help their users discover more of their content. Fortunately, WordPress incorporated blog tags into their content… read more

branded content vs equity content

Branded Content vs. Equity Content: Which Should You Use?

Understanding the difference between branded and equity content offers businesses an advantage. Content Marketing for businesses can be difficult, especially if they are just starting out and trying to write the content on their own without the help of any agency. The biggest hiccup we find with our clients is that they do not have… read more

Effective B2C Content Marketing Strategies

6 Effective B2C Content Marketing Strategies

How can businesses deploy an effective content marketing strategy for their consumers? In recent years, content marketing has grown among B2C businesses to become on of their top strategies for attracting new leads. Of course, for content marketers, this comes as no surprise: we’ve seen the statistics, and we know how well our strategy works…. read more

Why Your Online Marketing Strategy Needs Fresh Content

Why Your Online Marketing Strategy Needs Fresh Content

A static website won’t attract the new traffic you need for success. For many businesses, building a new website is a key part in their growth strategy. They recognize the importance of an online image to represent their business in a world where clients, contacts, and business leads increasingly turn to the Internet as the… read more

how to create dynamic content for your marketing

How to Create Dynamic Content for Your Marketing

People love seeing their own name on things, well, maybe except for bills. But otherwise, people love having things customized to who they are. From monogrammed pillows to being able to set up your car online how you want, tailoring the world around us is simply what we do now. Thanks to millennials (yeah, that’s… read more

Ways to Increase Your Returning Visitor Rate

5 Ways to Increase Your Returning Visitor Rate

New traffic is exciting, but returning customers are the bread and butter of your business. Many businesses focus most of their marketing energy on drawing in new visitors. They trust that, once their visitors get a taste of their site, they’ll be happy to keep coming back for more. And, in many cases, that’s perfectly… read more

Why Every Business Needs an Online Presence

Why Every Business Needs an Online Presence

Competing for customers in the digital era Forbes reports that nearly 91% of online adults use search engines to find information on the web and nearly 65% see that search as the most trusted source of information about people and companies. The stakes are high, and it’s more important than ever that your business have… read more

Should You Have a Content Backlog for Your Blog Launch

Should You Have a Content Backlog for Your Blog Launch?

You’re about to launch a blog for your business. How much content should you have first? You’re getting ready to launch a blog for your business. Most often, this happens as part of a larger website overhaul. Maybe you’re already revamping your site, and while you didn’t have a blog on your old site, you’re… read more

Is your SEO specialist promising the impossible?

Is Your SEO Specialist Promising the Impossible?

Understanding the good/cheap/fast of content marketing and SEO. There’s an old truism in marketing and other customer service-related fields that you can have quality, efficiency, or cost, but not all three. It’s a broadly-accurate statement that applies in all sorts of conditions, and content marketing and SEO are no exceptions. Of course, that doesn’t keep… read more

Permission Marketing: why user consent matters

Permission Marketing: Why User Consent Matters

How to turn an interruption into a desirable resource. If you think about most marketing you encounter day-to-day, you’ll notice that you didn’t ask for most of it. In fact, this is such a foregone conclusion for most people that the idea anyone would ask for someone to market to them seems almost laughable. Advertisements… read more