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Landing Page Checklist: How to Boost Your CRO

Landing Page Checklist: How to Boost Your CRO

You’re getting ready to start a new campaign. Is your landing page optimized for success? Landing pages play a crucial role in any online ad campaign. But in order to perform at their best, they need to meet a number of key criteria. Wondering if your landing page passes muster? Here’s our landing page checklist… read more

Why Your Business Needs a Converting Website

Why Your Business Needs a Converting Website

How a converting website builds the link between web traffic and closed sales. As web designers and content marketers, we’ve spent a lot of time talking about how to improve SEO, increase the usability of your design, and build a high converting website. But we’ve noticed that many business owner still struggle to understand how… read more

Browser push notifications: useful, or usability trap?

Browser Push Notifications: Useful? Or Usability Trap?

Should your website offer browser push notifications? Our look at the pros and cons. You’ve probably noticed a rise lately in the number of websites that offer notifications. They’re simple text boxes that pop up when you visit a new website and show you an opt-in box that looks like this: If you select “allow,”… read more

How do Google’s Longer Meta Descriptions Impact Your SEO?

How do Google’s Longer Meta Descriptions Impact Your SEO?

Editor’s Note: After a few months of testing longer meta descriptions, Google changed the length back to a shorter format. If you’re confused about the switcheroo, read our SEO update on the new Google meta description length. Google now displays longer meta descriptions for search results. Here’s the 411. You know how we’re always saying… read more

making more of the traffic you have

Episode 14: Making More of the Traffic You Have

In this week’s episode we take a step back from looking at how to get traffic on your site and talk about how to make more out of the traffic that’s already there. Instead of just trying to push more traffic to your site, we talk about the importance of conversion optimization as a way… read more

Episode 15: Why I Embraced Gated Content and You Should Too

In this week’s episode we build on our topic of making more of the traffic that is already on your site by focusing on a specific tactic: Gated Content. We talk about what it is, whether or not it works, and how to get started. Transcript: Welcome back today we’re going to be following up… read more

Image of sales funnel qualifying sales leads by moving them through the buying process

Ways You Can Use Your Website for Qualifying Sales Leads

How your website can help qualify leads for your sales funnel. One of the best things your website can do for you is ease the burden on your sales department from having to follow up on dead-end leads. When used correctly, your website is your most important sales tool. This will become increasingly important the… read more