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How to Showcase Services on Your B2C Website

How to Showcase Services on Your B2C Website

Give your website a job, and discover its full potential. How deeply have you thought about the purpose of your website? For many business owners, their website is an online placeholder. They need it for purely pragmatic reasons—so that they can have a Google business page, or because it’s what their customers expect. But other… read more

The Never-ending page or how to plan for page content

The Never-Ending Page: How to Plan for Page Content

When we talk about page content, how long and dense should those pages be? You’re a business. You need a new website. And, as part of that website, you need copywriting to provide content for the pages. How do you determine how much content goes on a page, and therefore what you’re paying for when… read more

No, the Intern Can't Write Your Marketing Blog

No, the Intern Can’t Write Your Marketing Blog

Your marketing blog is the flagship of your digital marketing strategy. Here’s why you shouldn’t leave it to the intern. As with many aspects of online marketing, many business owners who are less familiar with the territory feel tempted to turn their digital strategy over to their rawest recruits and temporary employees. However, when it… read more

Can You Write Content if You're not a Subject Matter Expert

Can You Write Content if You’re Not a Subject Matter Expert?

In content marketing, being a subject matter expert is only half the equation. One of our most frequent questions from marketing clients when we propose content writing for their blog is “but how will you write it if you’re not a subject matter expert?” It’s a fair question. The last thing we want to provide… read more

stop writing vanilla content

Unpopular Opinion: If You Want Links Stop Writing Vanilla Content

Link building, the art, the science, the cornerstone of SEO. A lot of time and energy are put in by SEMs to build backlinks to their clients and their own websites. Of course, we’d all like to have links built naturally to our work. It’d cut down on the time and money devoted to link… read more

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How meaningful is your business slogan?

Thinking of updating the copy on your website? Don’t forget your business slogan. Business slogans: almost everyone has one, in some form or another. There’s a definite and obvious appeal to the perfect slogan, something that sticks in your brain and sums up your business in just a few words or a short sentence. Yet… read more

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6 strategies to help you write great copy

Wondering how to write great copy? Here’s how it’s done. Copywriting is harder than it looks. This will be old news to anyone who’s ever tried to forego hiring a copywriter and found themselves struggling to find words to fill a blank page (or with far too many words and no idea how to organize… read more

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The virtues of long-form content writing

When writing as much as you need takes a LOT of copy. There’s a seeming paradox at the core of good copywriting: One rule says that you should only write as much as you need, which seems to imply brevity and getting to the point. But data shows that long-form copy (writing that breaks the… read more

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How to write longer blogs without losing content quality

Quantity and Quality: it’s not an either/or proposition. If you read our recent blog post about the benefits of long-form content, you may be left wondering how you can possibly stretch your short-form posts into worthwhile longer reads. We know the feeling. If you’ve been trained to believe that brevity is a virtue, the idea… read more

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3 ways to run a successful short-form content campaign

How to play the short-form content game and make it work for you. We know we’ve been preaching the long-form gospel of late, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make short-form content work for you. What it does mean, is that—contrary to popular opinion—our attention spans aren’t shrinking to nothing, and that running a short-form… read more