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What Can Your Ecommerce Store Learn from Amazon

What Can Your Ecommerce Store Learn from Amazon?

Amazon is the original juggernaut of the ecommerce industry. How can you apply their lessons to your store? Almost every ecommerce owner knows how difficult it is to compete with Amazon. It’s such a dominant force in online shopping that it would be hard to imagine the industry without it. With so many resources at… read more

How to Improve Your Customer Loyalty Metrics

How to Improve Your Customer Loyalty Metrics

Wondering what customer loyalty metrics to track? Here’s what to look for. Many businesses focus most of their energy on acquiring new customers rather than retaining the ones they have. But the statistics show that customers who have already made a purchase in your store are more likely to purchase again, make larger purchases, and… read more

Why you need a customer returns policy for your e-commerce store.

Why You Need a Customer Returns Policy for Your E-Commerce Store

Enacting a clear customer returns policy is an easy win for your e-commerce business. The holidays are nearly upon us. That means a busy time for retailers—and a subsequent uptick in their customer returns. This begs an important question for almost every e-commerce business: are you equipped to handle it? I’ve had to return two… read more

5 web project management tips for small agencies.

5 Web Project Management Tips for Small Agencies

Why you shouldn’t ask your creative team to also manage client communication. Spend enough time in the web development world, and you can hear all kinds of stories about nightmare projects that went south for some reason or another. It can often be hard to tell where the project went wrong, but any good agency… read more

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Service Accountability: How to Respond When Things Go Wrong

How to set the example for technical accountability in software companies. If you’ve spent any time online, you’re aware of the many hacks and service interruptions that happen more frequently than many of us like to admit. One of our providers, SharpSpring, recently experienced an issue which interrupted service. This is always a frustrating thing… read more

Content Marketing ROI: Are You Getting What You Paid For?

How do you know you’re getting a good deal on your content marketing? When was the last time you had to invest a lot of resources into a product or service you didn’t understand? Most of us have been there before, and it adds a lot of uncertainty and insecurity into the buying process. We… read more