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How Do You Know You’re Getting a Good Deal on Your Website?

How Do You Know You’re Getting a Good Deal on Your Website?

8 Questions to ask before signing a website contract. Have you ever worked with someone who avoids answering your questions or who dismisses them with lines like “you don’t need to worry about that” or “leave this to the experts?” While you should trust your team’s expertise, that only comes after you’ve established trust. Furthermore,… read more

How to Choose a Web Developer for your E-Commerce Store

How to Choose a Web Developer for Your E-Commerce Store

Here’s how to find a qualified developer for your e-commerce website. Over the past few years, E-commerce has become ubiquitous. Many small businesses, realizing the opportunity to reach a niche market nation-wide, have launched e-commerce stores to sell everything from products, to consulting services, to live event tickets, to digital goods. Many other businesses have… read more

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Episode 19 – Preparing to Transition Your E-commerce Platform

In today’s episode we talk about the things you’ll want to think about as you prepare to change e-commerce platforms. We put our focus on the elements that are within the client’s understanding, so that they can better communicate with their developer and vendors about everything that needs to happen.

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Integrating Shopping Cart Abandonment Tracking with SharpSpring

(almost) Everything they don’t tell you in the API docs! If you’re like me, you jump into the API documentation of a new service with excitement and trepidation.  Will I find what I need- code examples, requirements, troubleshooting, robust help docs, OR will I find a basic schema and no actual requirements for how to make… read more

Why You Should Meet Your Development Team

Let’s put the word “meet” in parenthesis. When you’re signing on to work with a website design or development agency you should be able to, at the very least, speak with your developer in the same way you speak with whoever you’re speaking with on the project. If you’re working with an agency outside of… read more

A Comprehensive Website Launch Checklist (Part One)

Hi, everybody – today, we’re going to go over my comprehensive checklist for launching any website. Part one will focus on the basics that you want to cover for ANY website launch. Being ready for your site launch is really all about one thing: quality control. There are tons of tiny things you need to… read more

Introduction to WordPress Hooks – WordCamp Chicago 2016 Slidedeck

Special thanks to everyone who made it out to hear me talk about WordPress Actions & Filters, I hope everyone got something out of it and is excited to start coding, or at least exploring! If you didn’t make it out, or want a refresher, here are the slides in all their glory!

Simple standing “work bar”

We decided to kick off the new year by reclaiming our office space and finally making it our own.  There’s been some interest in how we put it all together, so what follows is a bit of a big-picture “how to” of how we built the standing desk / work bar at which we work… read more