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The job market for web developers in 2018

8 Top Web Development Skills for Devs in 2018

The job market is tough. Gaining a few extra web development skills could give you the edge you need to get ahead. It’s no secret that web development is on the rise as both a career choice, and as a way of life. It’s being taught in schools, there are after-school clubs to learn to… read more

One Degree of Separation – The Mind of the Impostor

I’m a fake. Everything that I know how to do, I’ve taught myself. Normally, this would be an admirable quality, at least prospective employers usually say so. But to me, I’m always lacking that extra oomph that college grads have. When I compare myself to other developers, I feel like I’m O-Town comparing myself to the… read more

Code, Interrupted: Decoding Techie Madness

Sometimes the appropriate response to reality is to go insane. ~ Philip K. Dick It was bound to catch up to us one day. Techies seem to be the rockstars of today’s society. This is really funny, because most of us are pretty much the opposite of a rockstar. We have no social skills, a… read more