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sharpspring vs hubspot who's email automation tool is better

SharpSpring vs HubSpot – Who’s Email Automation Tool is Better?

If you didn’t know it already, SharpSpring is the second most used marketing automation platform in the world. But most people when they think of inbound marketing tools they think of HubSpot. So what’s the difference? What makes HubSpot so huge? Are they really superior to all the other platforms out there? Let’s find out… read more

What are email spam traps and how to avoid them

What Are Email SPAM Traps, and How To Avoid Them

Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and email spammers have been at odds since the invention of email. In fairness to ISP’s none of us want to get spam email. So we appreciate that ISP’s create things like spam traps to weed out bad emailers, and protect our inboxes. So let’s take a look at what a… read more

How to use email segmentation in your marketing strategy

How to Use Email Segmentation in Your Marketing Strategy

Splitting your email lists into more targeted segments can improve your results. Email marketing is still a key strategy for many businesses—B2B and B2C alike. It’s a great way to stay front-of-mind with your customers, educate them about your products or your industry, help them find solutions to their business needs, and update them about… read more

Email marketing practices that will get you blacklisted.

5 Email Marketing Practices That Will Get You Blacklisted

Here’s how to stay in your clients’ good graces and out of spam. Marketing your business is a tough and competitive job. It’s common for many companies, in their struggle to get ahead, to slip into gray areas in their email marketing practices. Some businesses fall into black hat email marketing tactics without realizing it—either… read more

e-mail marketing

Marketing Periscope Ep 10: Email Marketing Part 2

In this episode we show you how we change text in SharpSpring to hopefully increase our open rates. We also discuss best practices on warming up email recipients when you haven’t connected in a while.

Why would anyone want to subscribe to your newsletter?

Struggling to grow your newsletter subscriptions? Is your offer strong enough? Email newsletters can be a great boon to your business. But they can also be a frustrating and discouraging resource to manage. If you’ve been working with them long enough and have managed to grow a large and loyal subscriber base, they can be an… read more

conceptual graphic of computer screen to illustrate how to build an email mailing list

4 ways to build an email mailing list from scratch

You can build an email mailing list from ground up, but it will take some time. A healthy subscriber list can be a great boon to any business. It allows you to promote your brand, nurture contacts, and distribute your content. But building a list can take a lot of time and hard work. If… read more

send a good marketing email

How do I send a good marketing email?

What does your customer want to read? Email marketing is a big part of most businesses content strategy these days. And we don’t expect it to go anywhere soon. But if you’re going to take up space in your customer’s inbox, you want to make sure you’re sending them something worth their while. Otherwise, you… read more

inbound marketing

How to keep your email newsletter from ending up in spam

You’ve heard about the black list of doom, how do you keep yourself off? If you’ve started your email newsletter, probably you’ve also heard a lot of things about how not to end up in spam, or (more importantly) how to keep yourself from being blacklisted. This sounds like a scary prospect, and it’s good… read more

how to create an email newsletter

How to create an email newsletter for your organization

So you’re going to create an email newsletter. What now? Deciding to start an email newsletter for your organization was the easy part: now you actually have to make it work. No one likes a chore, so we’d like to make this process as painless and straight-forward for you as possible. Here’s our best advice for how… read more