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Plugin Announcement: Funding Serious

Funding Serious: a new plug-in for campaign-based fundraising Let’s say you’re raising funds for an upcoming Rosh Hashanah celebration, and your goal is to bring in $5000. You Google around and find a walk-a-thon style fundraising website which seems to offer a good deal: they’ve got the classic fundraising thermometer, and the free startup fee… read more

Collegiate has updated the home page template!

Now your splash images will look good again! If any part of your site is going to look gorgeous, you want it to be your home page, right? Our homepage template, with its featured splash images, has consistently wowed visitors, and we feel pretty proud of our design. Unfortunately, we’ve discovered that a lot of… read more

New Feature: Room Reservations

Online room reservations with the functionality you need Booking rooms, for whatever reason, is just one of those things which should be simple but usually isn’t—which you know without us telling you if your current system is basically a glorified spreadsheet. On the surface it’s as straight-forward as a calendar, but in practice there can… read more

New Add-on: Suggested Pricing

Allow your members to donate to your events Student organizations face a challenging dilemma when it comes to event planning: you want all your members to be able to participate freely, but at the same time, these events cost money. The obvious solution is to suggest a small donation, but most ecommerce sites don’t provide that… read more

loyalty points

New Feature: Loyalty Reward Points

Here is a problem we’re sure you’ve seen before You’ve invested in a swanky new website, but how do you motivate your members to actually use it? Maybe it’s just the Hermione Granger in me, but I am a sucker for earning points. Our new site feature allows your members to do just that: identify the features you… read more