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business blog topics: what should you blog about?

Business Blog Topics: What Should You Blog About?

So you want to run a business blog. How do you come up with good topics? One of the big questions we get from many small businesses when we propose starting a blog is: what should we blog about? This question can be a bit of a stumbling block for many businesses. However, coming up… read more


5 Features a Website in 2016 Should Have No Matter What

  Every website platform or developer out there has their own set of tools they use to build your site, but here are 5 features that you should get regardless of who makes it.  If they don’t, they ought to have a good reason why!   Mobile Friendly Design This is pretty close to ubiquitous… read more

migrate content

Will you help me migrate content?

We won’t hand you an empty site Our clients often want to know who will be responsible for populating their new site with content. Usually this isn’t about creating content so much as moving content they already have into their new space. In other words: are you guys just the contractors we hire to build… read more

How to choose images (so your site doesn’t look bad)

You want your site to look good, right? If you’ve come to Collegiate, it’s because you recognize the importance of a beautiful and functional site in attracting students and providing for your community. Graphics are a big part of this—we’re all suckers for big, beautiful images—so we’ve tried to design our template to be as… read more

How long does it take to build a website?

Why do websites take so long to build? We talked in our last post about how much websites cost, but there’s a related factor we didn’t touch upon: time. How long does it take to build a website? For many clients, building a website feels a lot like a home renovation: it’s always longer, costlier,… read more

8 questions to ask your web developer

Signs your developer is competent (or not) Everyone knows the obvious questions (“how long does it take to build a website?” and “how much does it cost?”). But there are some key questions every developer should be able to answer to demonstrate their qualifications. Here are our top 8 questions to ask your web developer… read more

Signs you should walk away from a web developer

How do you know you’ve found a developer you can trust? It’s not always personal. When you’re looking for someone to build your website, there are all kinds of factors involved, and not everyone will be a good fit. However, there are some definite red flags that you should be aware of before you sign… read more

How much does a website cost for membership organizations?

Making sense of the website market Building a website is like buying a house: most people don’t do it very often, and when they do, they quickly find themselves out of depth in a chaotic market where prices are all over the map and with a risk of making a poor decision. It’s a stressful… read more

How can Clubhouse solve your content and sitemap problems?

Can you help me with my content and sitemap? Yes. That’s the short answer. We often have people come to us with content and/or sitemap concerns, and they’re looking to us for a solution. These issues can be everything from confusion over messaging hierarchy (how do I prioritize my information?) to menu navigation problems, and… read more

Are websites a product or a service?

What should membership organizations expect when they enter the web market? One of the first difficulties many membership organizations run into when they begin their search for a web developer has to do with a difference in expectations. Specifically: are websites a product or a service? The distinction may seem trivial, but it can have… read more