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find your niche

Find your Niche in Manufacturing

Why the Internet gives you the perfect opportunity to specialize You’re a manufacturing company looking to launch a new product. How can you find your niche market? Or, more importantly, why would you want to? Doesn’t going narrow mean excluding some of your potential customers? If your product could be for anyone, why zoom in… read more

launching your online store

5 questions to ask before launching your online store

Is your manufacturing website ready for e-commerce? So you’re a manufacturing company, and you’ve decided it’s time to add e-commerce to your website. Bold move! We generally recommend that if you’re manufacturing a product, you also sell it. For one thing, it helps convert sales when your visitors don’t have to navigate onto an entirely… read more

should your manufacturing website have e-commerce?

Should your manufacturing website have e-commerce?

How essential is e-commerce to your target market? E-commerce: that little shopping cart in the upper right-hand corner of your site. Are you tempted? For many manufacturers, e-commerce seems like an obvious feature on their site. However, not every manufacturing website needs to have e-commerce to function well. And even those who would benefit from… read more