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Top Requirements for a Powerful Membership Website

Top Requirements for a Powerful Membership Website

Membership organizations thrive on community. Your website can help. If there’s one thing the Internet has done exceptionally well, it’s that it’s helped groups of like-minded people connect and work together toward a larger purpose. Whether that community is spread across a large geographical area and rarely meets in person, or a small, regional group… read more

does your brand represent your membership organization

Does your brand represent your membership organization?

What your brand should say about you and your members Many membership organizations recognize their brand as something important, but are confused by what it means. If you’re wondering how you can better help your brand represent your membership organization, here are some things to bear in mind. Be more than just a logo Your… read more

websites for membership organizations

Websites for membership organizations: what makes them different?

How can Membership Organizations optimize their web design? Websites for membership organizations face specific design goals that set them apart from other websites. Generally speaking, websites for membership organizations serve three purposes: to raise funds, attract new membership, and serve existing members. Not every organization does all of these, but most do some combination of… read more

multi-campus organizations

Building websites for multi-campus organizations

How do you serve communities spread out over multiple locations? Multi-campus organizations face a common problem: how should they structure their website to best represent their various locations? Sometimes, a multi-campus organization will choose to split their online presence so that each campus has its own individual website. This allows each site to develop messaging… read more


We’re exploring a new Student Engagement App for Collegiate!

We been working on and with Collegiate for a couple years now, and recently we’ve been getting asked about what we can do to improve both the collection and management of student data. It’s a two-fold problem. First, you have to collect the data in the moment, or any chance at comprehensive or accurate data is… read more

how to create an email newsletter

How to create an email newsletter for your organization

So you’re going to create an email newsletter. What now? Deciding to start an email newsletter for your organization was the easy part: now you actually have to make it work. No one likes a chore, so we’d like to make this process as painless and straight-forward for you as possible. Here’s our best advice for how… read more

How to attract younger members to your organization

Bring them in, and keep them coming back. Many of you will have noticed a growing need to attract younger members to your organization. These will be the future leaders who will ensure the long-term success and growth of your society, and you want to be sure you can bring them in early so as… read more