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How to Create a Better Mobile Ecommerce Website

How to Create a Better Mobile Ecommerce Website

Making your ecommerce website work on mobile is crucial for your business. If you’re used to thinking about your ecommerce business as a desktop-first operation, you’re behind the times. Google reported that the volume of mobile searches had surpassed that of desktop back in 2015, and there’s little reason to believe the world will ever… read more

Last Call Get your Website mobile friendly in 2018

Last Call: Get Your Website Mobile Friendly in 2018

At this point in the Internet’s evolution this blog should be excruciatingly redundant. In fact, the term mobile responsive or mobile optimized should be so well known that I’m not going to go into it. If you want a definition of that, we’ve got an old blog that can help. (Read Here) So why is… read more

consumers sweat the small stuff

Fact: Online Consumers Sweat the Small Stuff (and So Should You in 2018)

In 2016 Google released a study on the number of micro-touchpoints that a car buyer had during a 3 months sales process. They discovered that in settling on a lease users had nearly 900 digital interactions in finding the right vehicle. It might seem like a lot of time visiting a dealership website, but that… read more

Technical SEO practices to implement before the year ends.

3 Technical SEO Practices to Implement Before the Year Ends

Want something to cross off your 2017 checklist? Try these technical SEO best practices. December is upon us, which means some of us are hoping to finally get around to some of those projects we meant to do back in January. As one of those projects, we recommend implementing some of the new technical SEO… read more

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How to Increase Mobile Conversion Rates on Your Website.

Your site design can have a big impact on mobile conversion rates. Here’s how. It’s been a few years since Internet traffic on mobile passed that of desktop. Yet most mobile sales lag behind in performance when compared to their desktop counterparts. There could be several reasons for this, and not all of them have… read more

is it useful to talk about "above the fold" in web design?

Is It Useful to Talk about “Above the Fold” in Web Design?

Moving beyond “the fold” to a design language that makes sense for the Internet. How often have you sat down in a meeting to discuss web design and heard someone talk about putting certain information above or below “the fold?” I’m betting we all have. In fact, despite our better judgement, we’ve probably used the… read more