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right the first time

Episode 17: Doing it Right the First Time

In today’s episode we examine the costs of not doing a project right the first time, and what that can mean for your long term outcomes.

You Need to Abandon Your Ego if You Want an Amazing Website

Are you really thinking about what your customers need? One of the biggest hurdles we have to overcome as designers and user advocates is convincing the client that they are not, in fact, their own customer. Even if you belong to the same demographic, you’re still too close to the situation. It’s human nature, and we encounter the… read more

Why you should commit to a weekly blog

Write what you know. Write what you love. Well, I love blogging, and as it’s what I do for a living, I conveniently know a bit about it. And while writing a blog about writing a blog may seem a little meta, I’m going to go for it anyway on the basis of: I care…. read more

Opinionaed design: Yes this is what it looks like inside my head

Opinionated Design: Stop making me think!

Have you ever used a piece of software and immediately felt overwhelmed by the sheer number of options available to you? It was built to account for just about any use-case scenario, and as such, it is packed to the gills with options to support that goal. Opinionated Design says this is what we’re doing, and this is how we’re going to do it, if you don’t like it, that’s too bad!

It’s the difference between one size fits all and a finely tailored suit.

Tabletop Games: A Business Strategy Parable

Life is uncertain. This isn’t news to anyone. Yet despite that uncertainty, we want to believe that life isn’t random. We want to believe that we have control of our destinies – that we hold our fate in our own hands. And we do! …sort of. One of the challenges that we’ve had to overcome in… read more

learn how to do this

“I’m not paying you to learn this.”

If I had a nickel… If you work in the custom services business, you’ve probably heard this before, or some variation of it. “I don’t want to pay you to learn how to do this.” or “I’m not paying you to learn on the job.” Something of that nature. This is the wrong attitude to have…. read more

Dear SaaS companies, we are not enemies but friends.

While catching up on the ol’ twitter feed one of my favorite tweeps (is that still a word we use?) Yong Fook, a serial entrepreneur with some awesome products, shared a post from his blog that spoke to something we’ve been seeing more and more lately: SaaS (Software as a Service) companies with ads using… read more

Teaching business anthropology, pt. III

Last fall I took a part-time teaching position and was helping to teach a Business Anthropology class. It was an interesting experience, the kind where you love and hate the experience at the same time. I really enjoyed teaching; I enjoyed explaining concepts, answering questions, asking questions to students, when I could tell the students… read more

Teaching business anthropology, pt. II

I never thought that teaching was a particularly easy job. Keeping people’s attention, making the discussion something that students can relate to, keeping their attention, getting students to participate… it can be stressful. Teaching business anthropology doesn’t make this job any easier. A vast majority of my students are not anthropology majors. In fact, I… read more

Teaching business anthropology

As a practicing anthropologist, I purposely work outside of the academic sphere every day, applying the theoretical frameworks, methods, and tools of anthropology to problems and questions that revolve around how and why people perform tasks online and through technology. Even so, there was no reason why I wouldn’t teach if I were given the… read more