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Episode 03: Intro to E-commerce Part Two: Options and Platforms

Today we continue our e-commerce series by tackling options and platforms for e-commerce sites, in particular the differences between hosted software-as-a-service (SaaS) models and the self-hosted options that give you more ownership and control of your store – at a price of course.

Episode 04: E-commerce part Three: Payment Processing

In today’s episode we wrap up our intro to e-commerce with a look at the various methods of payment processing available to you. We look at the trade-offs between processing through third parties and the mechanics of what it takes to do it yourself.

online payment processing

Online payment processing: is waiving their set-up fee

Time to get your online payment processing in order. Maybe you were waiting for the opportune moment. Or maybe you were dragging your feet because payment gateways aren’t top-of-mind for everyone. Or maybe you’re just lucky and timing is in your favor! Regardless, if you need to set up online credit card payments for your… read more