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Step 3 podcast

Step 3: Stop Chasing the Exception

Can’t we all just get along? Unfortunately not ūüôĀ¬† But you have to keep trying right? Also no. But it’s a good thing to try to get along with everyone right? ¬†Yes, but sometimes getting along means not engaging with everyone who crosses your path. ¬†Even if they want to! ¬†You have to trust your… read more

Step 3 podcast

Introducing our new podcast Step 3

Lessons in business, professionalism, and life. Introducing Step 3, our new podcast! ¬†Step 3 expands upon a¬†conference talk¬†I give regularly that always seems to run over on time as I ramble on about the rollercoaster ride of professional life. As the talk has resonated with audiences in the past, I hope this podcast will be… read more

Step 3 podcast

Step 3: EP2 – Email Anarchy ft. Alex Beaudin

Inbox Zero is dead, Long Live Email Anarchy Or something. Remember when you got AOL in the mid nineties and the flush of excitement hearing that weird voice say “You’ve Got Mail” would bring? ¬†So much so that they even made a bloody movie about it? ¬†No one feels that way about email any more…. read more

Step 3 podcast

Step 3: EP3 – Work vs. Life ft Leslie Surel

How many plates can you keep spinning at once? Between work/running a business, doing client work, raising kids, maintaining relationships, etc daily life can become a tangled mess of responsibilities and passions, so how can we keep those in a ¬†healthy balance? ¬†We seek answers from an old friend. Everyone’s circumstances, job, and personal interests… read more

Step 3 podcast

Step 3: EP4 – On Starting a Career of Business Ownership ft Ross Johnson

Make some stuff, sell some stuff. This episode is about Steps 1, and 2- making stuff, and selling it. ¬†I’m joined this week by Ross Johnson of 3.7 Design Co, to talk about how each of us got our start making websites, selling websites, and of course the obstacles and mental gymnastics that had to… read more

Step 3 podcast

Step 3: EP5 – Get A Mentor

No one is an island. Not going to lie, I was skeptical of the whole coach/mentor thing in my younger days. ¬†Over time I came to realize that having someone who’s invested in your success, but not your feelings, is invaluable for getting objective feedback and accountability. ¬†Don’t get me wrong, it’s a close relationship,… read more

Step 3 podcast

Step 3 – EP6 Toxicity (Explicit) ft. Matthew Perkins

Sometimes work is hell. ¬†And your boss is the devil. Lets face it, just about everyone has had to work for or with people that have made their lives hell for…whatever reason. ¬†Taking out life’s frustration on the people around us is inevitable, it happens, we’re all guilty of it, but most of us don’t… read more

Step 3 podcast

Step 3: EP7 – The Right Person for the Job

Can’t we all just get along? Everyone is different, reacts differently, thinks differently, solves problems differently, copes differently, etc. ¬†How do we take this melting pot of human psyche and form a functioning team out of it? The ups and downs and all arounds of developing some content building tools helped me better identify where… read more

Step 3 podcast

Step 3: EP8 – Motivate Me

Not just the title of a Good Charlotte song I used to listen to in those halcyon days of youth… Though that is why I chose it. ¬†But seriously- motivation is with us when we wake up, keeps us up at night, and buzzes in our ears all day every day. ¬†The question is whether… read more

Step 3: EP9 – Money Troubles

Mo’ Money mo’ problems Money is the root of…so many things! ¬†Not least of which a whole host of psychological troubles. ¬†Towards the end we go totally off the rails in a dissection of modern society and evolutionary psychology, so buckle up. ¬†This is happening. And don’t forget to stop by and leave us a… read more