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Why Businesses Should Research Themselves

Why Businesses Should Research Themselves

You’ve researched your competitors. But have you spared a thought for self-reflection? We’ve been talking recently about how critical competitor research is for businesses to provide the best customer service. But no market research project is complete without taking a look inward, at your own company, and how well it lives up to its own… read more

When and Why Competitor Research Matters

When (and Why) Competitor Research Matters

Your competitors are learning from you. Here’s what you can learn from them. We’ve all been there: we get caught up in our own heads, convince ourselves of the excellence of our great idea, and are on the verge of moving ahead when we decide to give that notion a quick Google search. You know—just… read more

SEO Strategy: Should you target multiple keywords per page?

SEO Strategy: Should You Target Multiple Keywords Per Page?

What’s the better strategy: targeting multiple keywords per page, or just one? I wanted to tackle a super nerdy question today that gets into some of the nitty-gritty dilemmas at the heart of SEO. Namely: how many keywords should you use on a page? Keyword research is a complicated subject. Finding good target keywords, and… read more


Episode 08: Understanding Analytics – Research vs. Reporting

In today’s episode we start our series on Understanding Analytics by exploring the dual purposes for which analytics exist – research and reporting. We’ll talk about what these are really for and why it’s important to keep them separate.

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Episode 09: Understanding Analytics – Metrics

In today’s episode we continue our series on Understanding Analytics by covering the various Metrics that make up a good sales funnel. We’ll talk about what each one is, and why it’s important.

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Why Blog Research is Always Worth Your Time.

Take time to research blog topics. You may be surprised what you dig up. Putting out a weekly (or twice-weekly, or daily) blog can be a real grind. It’s common to hit a wall and feel like you’re out of ideas. The temptation is to grab something—anything—that springs to mind and push out the minimum… read more

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How to research blog topics in 4 steps

Steps to take when you do blog post research. Researching blog post topics is a process. And that’s a good thing: creating and refining a good process will help you be more efficient in your content marketing, and it will help maintain a certain level of quality in the blogs you publish. Plus, there’s nothing… read more

Episode 10: Understanding Analytics – Calculating ROI

In today’s episode we conclude our series on Understanding Analytics by talking about how to Calculate ROI, establishing a baseline for the value of your traffic and leads, and putting formulas in place that will keep you honest in the assumptions you make about your marketing.

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What Is Keyword Research, and Why Do I Need It?

It doesn’t matter how smart Google gets, Keyword Research isn’t going away. This is a post for all of you who have heard the term “keyword research” bandied about but aren’t entirely sure what keywords are, how you research them, or why they’re important for your business. To be very succinct, keywords are the words… read more

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How to Make Keyword Lists to Optimize your Blog for SEO

What are you looking for when you make your keyword lists? If you read our introductory post about keyword research—what it is and why it’s important for you company—you may be wondering how to create a keyword research process so that you can improve the SEO performance of your blogs and site pages. As you’ll… read more