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Lead Nurturing Best Practices for SMBs

Lead Nurturing Best Practices for SMBs

You’ve generated some leads. What do you do with them now? Growing web traffic and converting them to leads are the first steps in your content marketing strategy. But once you have leads, what do you do with them? Many businesses drop the ball with newly acquired leads simply because they’re not sure how to… read more

Why Your Business Needs a Converting Website

Why Your Business Needs a Converting Website

How a converting website builds the link between web traffic and closed sales. As web designers and content marketers, we’ve spent a lot of time talking about how to improve SEO, increase the usability of your design, and build a high converting website. But we’ve noticed that many business owner still struggle to understand how… read more

Questions to Ask for Customer Persona Development

18 Questions to Ask for Customer Persona Development

You need to develop customer personas for your marketing strategy. What should you ask? Customer personas are one of the key tools of any good content marketer. They’re representations of your ideal customer that allow you to get inside your customer’s head and speak their language. Most importantly, they’re essential for building your brand strategy… read more

9 Features Your Ecommerce Website Needs to Have

9 Features Your Ecommerce Website Needs to Have

Building an ecommerce website requires several essential features. For small businesses interested in entering the world of online retail for the first time, starting an ecommerce store can be intimidating. Sure, there’s plenty of websites that advertise quick and easy setup options, but most are only suitable for individuals selling on a very small level…. read more

7 Local SEO Strategies for Small Businesses

7 Local SEO Strategies for Small Businesses

For small businesses hoping to increase visibility in a local market, here’s where to start. I spent a weekend in New York City about this time last year. It was my first time staying in the city for more than a few hours, and while I’d made a few plans, I mostly wanted to walk… read more

How to create a content marketing strategy in six steps.

How to Create a Content Marketing Strategy in 6 Steps

You want to give content marketing a try? Here’s how to build a solid content marketing strategy. Content marketing is a huge, confusing business. Over the past few years, I’ve spent so much time living and breathing this industry that I sometimes forget how much I didn’t know when I first started. We can spend… read more

5 Ways to Overcome Buyer Hesitation on Your E-Commerce Store

Here’s your how to guide reluctant shoppers all the way to checkout. Many e-commerce businesses face a similar problem: they’re attracting lots of visitors, but not enough of them are buying. We call this reluctance “buyer hesitation,” and the good news is that you can address it on your site. Here’s how. 1. What’s the… read more

Episode 15: Why I Embraced Gated Content and You Should Too

In this week’s episode we build on our topic of making more of the traffic that is already on your site by focusing on a specific tactic: Gated Content. We talk about what it is, whether or not it works, and how to get started. Transcript: Welcome back today we’re going to be following up… read more

Image of sales funnel qualifying sales leads by moving them through the buying process

Ways You Can Use Your Website for Qualifying Sales Leads

How your website can help qualify leads for your sales funnel. One of the best things your website can do for you is ease the burden on your sales department from having to follow up on dead-end leads. When used correctly, your website is your most important sales tool. This will become increasingly important the… read more

fingers on keyboard showing computer screen with shopping cart and the word "sale"

Why Your Website Is Your Best Sales Tool

Your website is one of your most valuable sales assets. Here’s why. As a business, you want to put the best foot forward at all times, right? You keep your shop clean for customers. You select your business cards with care. You’ve made a well-considered decision about whether a suit or stylish business casual best… read more