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Step 3 podcast

Introducing our new podcast Step 3

Lessons in business, professionalism, and life. Introducing Step 3, our new podcast!  Step 3 expands upon a conference talk I give regularly that always seems to run over on time as I ramble on about the rollercoaster ride of professional life. As the talk has resonated with audiences in the past, I hope this podcast will be… read more

Tabletop Games: A Business Strategy Parable

Life is uncertain. This isn’t news to anyone. Yet despite that uncertainty, we want to believe that life isn’t random. We want to believe that we have control of our destinies – that we hold our fate in our own hands. And we do! …sort of. One of the challenges that we’ve had to overcome in… read more

build/create work stations featured on ergonomics blog

After recently building our own standing work bar (you can read all about that in our previous post) an ergonomics consulting company – Humantech – decided to feature our setup on their blog, The 30-inch View. Sure, ergonomic workstations can be costly, but they don’t have to be. Ask Ann Arbor web design agency build/create studios. The company’s… read more

Letterpress cards fresh from Detroit

  With a new office (that post is coming soon!) new business cards for the team were a necessity. This time around we set our sights on local sourcing for our letterpress needs. We were referred to Liz Kerner and Danielle Denha, owners of 44FourtyFour Studio, who run the business out of the Green Garage in Midtown… read more

the full set

Getting crafty part II: The full set

the whole enchilada… I am proud to present the complete set of leather and wool felt cases I designed and crafted.  Far from perfect, but for a first outing I’m more than inspired to keep designing and building more gear! Pictured (clockwise starting at 12): Folio– designed to hold all of the other pieces +… read more

Getting crafty- handmade iPad sleeve

I think I’ve mentioned this before, but we’re kind of nuts about making stuff here.  I didn’t start out as a pixel pusher, and I’ve never been content to limit my creativity to that arena.  This week I finally set aside some time to complete a project that had been lingering in my periphery for… read more