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How to Design Behavior Flow to Close Leads on Your Website

How to Design Behavior Flow to Close Leads on Your Website

Help guide your visitors through your website so they can find what they’re looking for. Every web design company begins their process in a different place. For us, we begin by identifying the goal: what do our clients want to achieve with their site, and how can we get them there? When we ask our… read more

How to Build a Terrible WordPress Website

If you’re thinking about building a WordPress website, you’re probably wondering how to make it really, really terrible. Why else would you be building your own website when you’re not a developer? Here’s a few starter points for ya. First, buy hosting. The best hosting you can possibly buy to make a terrible WordPress website… read more

How Do User Experience and SEO Work Together

How Do User Experience and SEO Work Together?

UX and SEO are the perfect team. Here’s how to make sure they mesh. We write a lot about both user experience and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) on this site, and if you know anything about them, you’re probably aware that they are closely related. SEO is all about creating a website that Google will… read more

Ways to Use Breadcrumb Navigation to Improve UX

Ways to Use Breadcrumb Navigation to Improve UX

Breadcrumb navigation helps your users move around your site without getting lost. Ever noticed those discrete link paths on the top of a website as you browse its contents? More importantly: have you ever used them to navigate? You’ve probably done both without realizing it, and there’s nothing wrong with that. After all, the point… read more

What Is the Google Recommended Page Load Time in 2018

What Is the Google Recommended Page Load Time in 2018?

How far can you compromise your load time for an intricate site design? It’s 2018, and I’m still seeing progress bars on websites. Now, I’m not usually a fan of using the year as evidence that there’s something wrong with the world, but this is one of those exceptions: mobile Internet use surpassed desktop in… read more

Why Scroll Hijacking Destroys User Experience

Why Scroll Hijacking Destroys User Experience

The scroll function is for your users to use—not for you to play with. It’s no secret that we care about function more than form—especially when it comes to websites and usability. I’m happy for people to “rethink” plenty of basic concepts—innovation has a purpose, and just because something works doesn’t mean it couldn’t be… read more

4 Examples of Great Below the Fold Web Design

4 Examples of Great Below the Fold Web Design

“Above the fold” thinking needs to die. But what does the alternative look like? It was not obvious to me that “the fold” was not real when I first started writing about web design, content management, and usability. Like many non-designers, I had to have the Truth preached to me by someone with more experience… read more

20 Usability Dos and Don'ts of Web Design

20 Usability Dos and Don’ts for Web Design

You need a website that works. Here’s how to address some of the most common usability issues. There’s a big difference between building something that works on a basic operational level versus one that is functional and easy to use. When it comes to websites, a lack of consideration for user experience often causes website… read more

Web typography: why web fonts aren't a matter of opinion.

Web Typography: Why Web Fonts Aren’t a Matter of Opinion

Website font choices affect more than the web design aesthetics. You’re reviewing the latest mocks for your new website, and you’re not quite sure about the font choices. They look nice, but you wanted something edgier, bolder, something that pops off the page and grabs the visitor’s attention. Should you raise the question with your… read more

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The State of the Web – Trends for 2018

Trends in the web development Michigan community are pretty reflective of our personalities as techies as a whole – basically all over the place and never happy with how well we’re doing. Since we’re all sheep following the herd anyways, this week seemed like a good one to give everyone a peek into what the… read more