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How to Tell if Your Web Agency is a Farce

How to Tell if Your Web Agency is a Farce

We’ve all had our scrapes with a less-than-capable “professional” in life – sometimes your auto mechanic forgets to reinstall the rear axle in your car, sometimes the doctor leaves his cell phone next to your liver when he removes your gallbladder, and now and then the mail carrier puts your package of tighty whities that… read more


5 Features a Website in 2016 Should Have No Matter What

  Every website platform or developer out there has their own set of tools they use to build your site, but here are 5 features that you should get regardless of who makes it.  If they don’t, they ought to have a good reason why!   Mobile Friendly Design This is pretty close to ubiquitous… read more

How long does it take to build a website?

Why do websites take so long to build? We talked in our last post about how much websites cost, but there’s a related factor we didn’t touch upon: time. How long does it take to build a website? For many clients, building a website feels a lot like a home renovation: it’s always longer, costlier,… read more

How to Easily Build a Membership Website

That doesn’t break the bank and take forever. So, you’ve got a membership organization, you’d like to redesign your membership website. Your board gave you a budget and a timeline. You’ve called around to the web design agencies in your area. They’ve told you to get the features you want it’s going to cost anywhere… read more

Signs you should walk away from a web developer

How do you know you’ve found a developer you can trust? It’s not always personal. When you’re looking for someone to build your website, there are all kinds of factors involved, and not everyone will be a good fit. However, there are some definite red flags that you should be aware of before you sign… read more

Are websites a product or a service?

What should membership organizations expect when they enter the web market? One of the first difficulties many membership organizations run into when they begin their search for a web developer has to do with a difference in expectations. Specifically: are websites a product or a service? The distinction may seem trivial, but it can have… read more

site navigation

Site Navigation (so your users don’t get lost)

Is your site usable for your users? We talk a lot about how functional Clubhouse is on the backend (for you to use!), and how the design makes it easy for you to have a site that looks great so as to better attract members. But there’s another aspect of usability that we haven’t touched… read more

Editing your menu structure

Where do I go to update my menu structure? After our previous post about organizing your site navigation to provide the best usability for your users, we thought a walk-through of the backend of the menu-editor was in order. When it comes to making sure the information on your site is accessible, having your menu structured neatly is the… read more