June 3rd, 2016
Image sourcing for membership organizations
image sourcing for membership organizations

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Do I have to get my own photography?

Many of our customers come to us asking about the images for their website. Sometimes they are happy with the ones they have and want to know if they can keep them with the new design, and sometimes they are unhappy and want entirely new imagery. How we handle this situation depends on the specific needs of the client, but the first thing we try to reassure them of is that we can offer very flexible solutions.

You can use images you already have, or you can buy new ones. You can source them yourself, or we can source them for you. The most important thing is that whatever images you choose represent you, your members, and your organization.

Should you find a professional photographer?

Without a doubt, having a professional photographer come in for a shoot is a worthy investment of your time and money. Although the pictures will necessarily cost more than others you could use, it pays off in the long run by presenting your best face to the public and will certainly help build your membership over time.

However, you won’t need to have your own photography for every aspect of your site. Put together a shot list of what you would like to see where, and use your photography budget to cover the most prominent areas that will show your organization and your membership in the best light.

Tips for choosing good stock images

Most people are aware that they need a license for any images they use on their site that aren’t their own. There are some sites that offer free, high-quality images under a creative commons license, but not all of these places are trustworthy sources. This means you will almost assuredly have to purchase some of your site images off a stock image site. But just because you had to pay for an image doesn’t mean it’s a good choice for your site. When you choose stock images, make sure that you:

  • Know what you want. Scope out some sites that have a look and feel you like, and find imagery that fits that same tone.
  • Avoid clichés. If you see something and it looks like something you’ve seen a hundred other places, it probably won’t speak to anyone seeing it on your site as well.
  • Test them on your site first. Download a watermarked version and see how it looks before you invest in the real thing.
  • Play with them. Try experimenting with filters to warm them up or increase contrast if they look a little bland. (But don’t go overboard.)

We can start you out with images for your Clubhouse site

Since web development is what we do, we have a lot of experience selecting images that fit the brand feel of the companies we work for. We are happy to take this on for all our Clubhouse clients so that they can rest assured that their site looks its absolute best.