January 23rd, 2017
Introducing Marketing Periscope

Marketing Periscope: Ep 1 Visitor ID


Marketing Periscope is Build/Create Studios’ weekly video blog discussing the topics of inbound marketing and marketing automation.
We use the tools SharpSpring and Inspectlet to help us accomplish these goals.
For more information on Inspectlet visit: http://www.inspectlet.com/
To learn about SharpSpring – our marketing automation tool visit: https://sharpspring.com/

For more in-depth information on Visitor ID, our blog can give you much more detail: https://buildcreate.com/see-whos-visiting-website-sharpsprings-visitor-id/

And to learn more about the power of screen capturing check out: https://buildcreate.com/session-recording-should-your-company-use-it/