Account Manager / Business Development

You will be responsible for both managing existing client relationships and building new ones with opportunities as the first point of contact with build/create studios.

  • 5-10 Years previous agency experience doing client work with demonstrated ability to grow accounts
  • Comfortable with pitching projects from $20K – $200K, including requirements gathering, technical discovery, and proposal writing w/ estimates and timelines
  • Able to review contracts and tactfully negotiate client requests
  • Capable of holding your own in a client meeting: Communication skills are a must, including the discipline to maintain professionalism while listening, responding, and remaining proactive with suggestions/solutions
  • Comfortable working remotely with limited supervision and able to respond to constructively-critical feedback in a collaborative manner
  • Strategic Planning
  • Technical Discovery/Spec Work
  • Proposal Writing
  • Prepare Presentations 
  • Pitching / Sales Meetings 
  • Estimating Deliverables & Timelines
  • Contract Negotiation
  • Project Management (at the “milestone” level)
  • Proficient with Microsoft Office software
  • Basic familiarity with Adobe Creative Suite for simple editing/publishing
  • Comfortable with cloud-based remote-work platforms (Slack, Google Drive, Freshbooks, Asana)

For existing client relationships, this means building trust with our current contacts at client organizations through a sincere interest in their needs and goals. It will be your job to check in with them regularly to ensure that we are meeting and exceeding their expectations for the relationship, and to be proactive about identifying new opportunities where we can expand our relationship with those clients, always with a mind to what will actually help them grow and succeed. We’re interested in the long-term success of the relationship by proving our value, not short-term upsells. 

For prospective clients, you’ll need to be able to quickly understand their goals and requirements, demonstrate expertise in those fields, be familiar enough with our project portfolio to reference similar experience, and deliver proposals that meet the client’s requirements while remaining realistic in terms of timeline and accurate in terms of budget. 

In addition to these responsibilities, we’re looking for someone who will be proactive about lead generation. We’re interested in learning how you’ve handled sales in the past, how you achieved growth, what worked, what didn’t, and are interested in the processes and experiences that you can bring to the table.

As a full service digital marketing agency, you will receive broad exposure to a wide range of projects types, services provided, clients and industries. There are ample opportunities here both for learning and growth. 

The right person for this job

  • Cultivates relationships: The first step to providing strategic guidance is understanding your client’s fundamental goals. 
  • Is invested in long term success: We want our clients to keep coming back because we provide solutions that make a real difference.
  • Cares that we deliver on our commitments: It’s a lot easier to grow an account when we do what we say we’re going to do. 
  • Values transparency and integrity in sales: We want clients to be fully aware of the pros and cons when they work with us, and for them to choose to do so anyways. 
  • Proactively employs strategic thinking for inspiration: The better we know our clients goals, the more creative we can be about how our services can help achieve them.
  • Is self motivated: If you’ve got extra capacity, you’re making plans for how to use it. 


  • Your role begins by forging connections with existing clients. We’ll facilitate these relationships with warm introductions and “ride-along” meetings until you and the clients are familiar with one another.
  • Regular check-ins with Clients are a routine part of the job to ensure that we’re staying on top of developments at their companies and organizations and familiar enough with their circumstances, audiences, and goals to be able to make effective recommendations.
  • You’ll also become familiar with our company, our suite of services, and our processes so that you can identify where our services will be a match with Clients’ needs. 
  • We are expected to bring proactive, strategic guidance to the relationship. Clients don’t know what they don’t know, and it’s our job to steer them towards to the correct solutions.
  • Sometimes clients will know what their problems are, and in those cases it’s our job to gather requirements about their needs, both in terms of their audiences and goals but also technical/practical constraints.
  • We bring those constraints and requirements back to our own development and marketing teams and work with them to spec out solutions to the problems that can be converted into actionable deliverables with estimates, timelines, etc..
  • That spec gets written up into a comprehensive proposal, working largely from template language except in the case of custom deliverables, that outlines all the project details for the client. 
  • You’ll be expected to pitch that proposal to clients, field Q&A and demonstrate knowledge of our products and services, and project confidence in our abilities and outcomes. 
  • Light contract negotiation is sometimes part of the position. Slight modifications to clauses are sometimes required, and you’ll need to be knowledgeable enough about the language to know what we can accept and what is unreasonable. 
  • Throughout the project you’ll need to maintain communication with the client, particularly checking in at high-level milestones to ensure that the project or campaign are proceeding on track with the expectations that we set. 
  • Post-launch you’ll follow up to ensure customer satisfaction, get feedback, testimonials, and (ideally) referrals.
  • The process of maintaining relationships is ongoing, and we largely rinse/repeat the above process to identify new strategic goals, develop solutions, and get results. 
  • In addition to existing customer relationships, you’ll be expected to respond to incoming leads and develop new business, from the first point of contact to the closed sale, and into the ongoing relationship. 
  • We’re also looking for someone with ideas about how to be proactive about sales and business development. What have you done in other positions? Did it work? Can you do it for us?

Remote Position – Full-Time w/ Bonus Incentive Structure

We are looking for someone who is available to make a full time commitment to our company, but office attendance is not required or even available. We are a fully remote organization and while we all maintain our own home offices, we are generous about providing team members with whatever supplies they need to make that environment work.

Compensation incentives are a part of this position, but we want to avoid the short-term pitfalls that can come with a direct-incentive structure. We have worked out a bonus program that is based on sustainably meeting defined goals. 

Submission Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in working with us! Please upload your resume and a cover letter that lets us know what attracted you to our team.
  • PDFs are our preferred file format.
  • Cover letters are not required, but we do like them.
  • We keep applications on file for one year.
We will review your application and contact you for an interview if we believe you may be a good fit for our position.

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