July 28th, 2015

New Feature: Loyalty Reward Points

Here is a problem we’re sure you’ve seen before

You’ve invested in a swanky new website, but how do you motivate your members to actually use it?

Maybe it’s just the Hermione Granger in me, but I am a sucker for earning points.

Our new site feature allows your members to do just that: identify the features you most want your members to take advantage of, then offer loyalty points for participating. Do you want them to pre-register for events? Offer them loyalty points. Fill out your form? Offer loyalty points. Make a donation? Loyalty points.

Customize your Loyalty Points system

This feature is totally flexible. You decide what activities qualify for loyalty points, how many points they’re worth, and how much you have to earn to advance to then next tier. Do you want your loyalty points to act as a simple reward for exploring your site’s new features? Or would you rather see platinum certification achieved only by members who’ve gone the extra mile to become active users on your site? However you want to play it, we’ve left the decision in your hands.

Keeping it simple

We figure the last thing anyone wants sitting around in their user account is another fake currency system waiting to be spent like a handful of Chuck E Cheese tokens. Instead, we opted for a cumulative system, where the only thing that matters is the total number of points you’ve earned. Start out at Bronze, gain some experience, level-up to Silver. Keep going, all the way to Platinum.

We see this as a simple thank-you to your members, and a straight-forward way for you to help them make the most of your new site.

You got it?

Good job. Ten points to Gryffindor.


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