August 18th, 2015
New Feature: Room Reservations

Online room reservations with the functionality you need

Booking rooms, for whatever reason, is just one of those things which should be simple but usually isn’t—which you know without us telling you if your current system is basically a glorified spreadsheet. On the surface it’s as straight-forward as a calendar, but in practice there can be a number of variables which complicate the process:

  • You have multiple rooms at multiple venues with varying schedules
  • You have a large student and faculty body who all want access to these locations
  • You want to restrict reservations to trusted users
  • You want to review and approve reservation requests, but you don’t want to have to oversee every aspect of the process

These are all reasonable—and seemingly obvious—expectations to have for a room reservation function, but does your system allow for all this?

Ours does.

Streamline your room reservation process

Screen Shot 2015-08-25 at 6.53.02 PM

Book rooms at multiple venues

It’s one of life’s golden rules: don’t make things more complicated than they need to be. And yet, a lack of versatility causes frustration and confusion. If your reservation system doesn’t provide adequate functionality, you have to hack together some way to take care of it yourself. You end up wasting time and energy on a process which could easily be automated.

With Collegiate, once your reservation system is set up, maintaining it becomes entirely automatic. You list which rooms are available for reservation, include your own descriptions of their capacity and amenities, and set parameters for availability. Your users are then able to browse the available venues, select the timeslots they’re interested in booking, and submit a request. Our automated email system keeps both you and your users informed of incoming and approved requests.

Fully integrated with Collegiate

Do you have a room reservation system already in place? When you move to Collegiate, we’ll transfer all that information to its new home. Once it’s set up, it becomes fully integrated with the Collegiate system. Don’t believe it can possibly be all it’s cracked up to be? Test it out for yourself. We have a demo version available on our Collegiate site. So don’t be shy—give it a try!