SharpSpring has been a disrupter in the marketing automation and inbound marketing sphere for a few years now. They introduced a price point that was ultra competitive against the likes of HubSpot, Marketo, and Pardot. Now they’re getting even more competitive by bringing some really exciting features to their suite of offerings.

Yes, these features are currently available on other marketing automation platforms, but not at the price that SharpSpring does. So what are these exciting new features? Well if you’re focussed on content marketing and social media attribution you’re going like what you see.

Social Media Integration


Posting to social has never been easier. You can create, schedule, and publish your content to your biggest social media platforms right from the SharpSpring platform.

No more logging into your separate platforms, or using a third party app (that either costs you money or doesn’t have all the features you need) to get the job done. Nope, now you can simply use one tool to get all your work done.



Not only that, but like other social media tools like HootSuite, you’ll be able to monitor your social media from your portal.

This will help you stay up-to-date on trending hashtags, keywords, and MOST importantly, what your competitors are doing with their social activities.

All this will be possible without the necessity of using another platform like Hootsuite or Buffer. While they’ve always had API’s that would tie to SharpSpring, this will give a cleaner, more integrated approach to social media management than we’ve had in the past.


The whole point of having a marketing automation tool is to automate based on behavior right? Well now that even applies to those who interact with you on social media.

You can create triggers based on social activities such as follow up emails, other related content, or specials just for those who are interacting with those platforms.

And don’t think they forgot about B2B social engagement. You can notify sales staff when a person interacts with your social media account so they can follow up and close sales. This takes your social game to a whole new level.


We all use lead scoring to help us track leads, but this doesn’t take into account activities and interactions that weren’t on our websites. Now we can track reTweets, likes, and can capture them in the life of the lead.

No interaction goes with your clients goes untracked, making social media more important than ever in your sales and marketing process. Social selling is new reimagined with one integration.


You can now see the true ROI of your social media marketing campaigns. Compare, evaluate, and make better social decisions based on sales, not just likes and shares. Each post can be a campaign, then you can track it through the sales and marketing funnel to see its effectiveness.

The biggest part of any digital campaign is the marketing attribution, now you can see how social media, not just your website and emails have played a role in your sales growth.

The Content Calendar

Keeping track of when, where, and planning the future of your content and social amplification is paramount to any content strategy. Now instead of using Google Calendar, Google Docs, Slack to discuss, etc. etc., we can login to SharpSpring and build our content strategy and calendar in one place.

Couple that with your persona creation in SharpSpring, and you’ve got a calendar, variables, and amplification all in one powerful tool.

On to 2018!

As we marketers prepare for a new year, gaining access to new tools that will make our automations more powerful and take us to new places is really exciting. Creating a great ROI for each marketing effort is of the utmost importance to us at Build/Create. This new integration will help us do that, and our clients in turn will get  better results from each of their efforts.

And there are more tools coming out in 2018 to be excited about. So this is just the beginning!

Published 11/20/17 by Eric Lynch