August 9th, 2011

New Site Launch –

Every now and then we get the chance to work on something that falls a little bit outside of our standard fare. was one of those recent projects.

The Challenge

We had to implement a complete forum site with a look and feel that was unique yet remained broad enough to cover a wide range of topics, from humor to the latest internet memes, to current events.

The Solution

To provide the broad scope that the site needed to have, we stuck to a simple but usable “print” aesthetic which would leave the focus on the content of the site itself. Using Vanilla Forums we were able to provide a wide range of functionality and accomplish the project’s primary goals, all while keeping costs down and the budget well in-hand.

The Result

We were able to deliver a clean, professional forum site that met our client’s needs and budget. We’ll let our client, Matt, take this one away:

Working with build/create studios has been a prudent investment, and I have consistently enjoyed being one of their clients. In the first steps of my project – the creation of “”- Eric Lynch and Ian Wilson employed a great deal of imagination and brainstorming, all backed by practical reasoning. My ideas and conceptualizations for my project were met with equally helpful input paired with impeccable and unsolicited efforts.

As began to come together, it became very clear that build/create studios provides a superlative quality that pertains to the aesthetics of the websites that they build, their navigability, and their overall function. In communicating with build/create studios, opinions are shared and ideas are brought about with clean communication and high regard for the client.

I highly recommend build/create studios. They provide high quality solutions at a reasonable cost. Few businesses operate at such a level of quality.

-Matthew Haarer

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