April 4th, 2011

New Web Site Launch – mouseguard.net

We recently wrapped up a revamp of mouseguard.net, the official site of David Petersen’s Mouse Guard. As fans of the comic, it was a fun project to work on and we really enjoyed being able to help David get in better control of his site content.


The Problem

David came to us with a problem. His website, which he had been updating himself from its inception, had finally reached critical mass. It could no longer be updated in a sustainable fashion with the tools that he had at his disposal.

What We Did

To solve David’s update woes, we took his existing site design and integrated it with everyone’s favorite CMS platform, WordPress. Taking advantage of WordPress’ vast library of plugins we built David a WordPress site that he would be able to maintain through simple, web-based, graphical interfaces. Some highlights of the project included:

  • Revamped, reorganized sitemap and content
  • Editable, drop-down menus
  • Integrated news feed and CMS capabilities
  • Easily manageable library of image galleries
  • Characters and Groups galleries with editable text built into lightbox view

The Result

David no longer needs to waste his evenings trying to fix HTML-table galleries and can focus his efforts on doing the things that only he can do, like writing for his blog and creating Eisner Award winning comics. (or just building another crazy reference model for his next issue!)

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