July 28th, 2011

New Website Launch – AlDentePasta.com

We recently launched a complete site redesign for Al Dente Pasta. As is always the case when you are working with a great client who has a great product to showcase, the project was a blast and we think it represents one of our best efforts to-date. You can probably tell by now that we’re pretty excited about the launch. If you want all the details, read on! (I hope you like screenshots.)

The Challenge:

Monique came to us with a site that was in need of an update. It was first built over a decade ago and starting to show some wear and tear. With no content management abilities and a template that wasn’t designed to accommodate expansion, the time for a change was long overdue.

What We Did:

As is often the case, the first step on the path to enlightenment is a switch to WordPress (our perennial favorite). With the latest update and some brand new plugins at our finger-tips we were able to deliver a site that was beautiful, easily managed, and cost effective. Let’s take a closer look.

New Design

Quality speaks for itself. There is a lot we could say, but why not just let you see?

Custom Web Design for Aldente Pasta

New Layouts

In addition to a new homepage design we put together custom content types and subpage designs so that every page of Al Dente’s site could look as fresh as their pasta. This included new layouts for their products offerings and a brand new recipe page to showcase all the great pasta recipes that Monique has gathered over the years.

Product Pages

Product Sub Page Designs for Aldente Pasta

Recipe Pages

Recipe Page Design for Aldente Pasta

New Features

We didn’t stop there though. While you can buy Al Dente’s pasta on their site, a goodly portion of their business depends on customers and food enthusiasts being able to find their pasta at local food stores. One of the most exciting new features on the site is a fully functional store-locator integrated with Google Maps. Check it out!

Store Locator Feature for Aldente Pasta

The Result:

In a few months, Al Dente Pasta went from having a site that they couldn’t update in a format that they couldn’t expand upon, to a custom web design on a fully integrated content management system with custom content types and a fully functional store locator and recipe catalog. We’d tell you how happy they are with their decision to work with us, but we’ll let them do it themselves.

I would highly recommend the off-the-charts talents of build/create studios to companies big and small. They are the complete package, a real one-stop shop for website design.

Client satisfaction is how we measure success. Thanks, Monique.

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