August 18th, 2011

New Website Launch –

Good Time Charley’s is a familiar landmark for anyone acquainted with downtown Ann Arbor’s treasure-trove of local bars and restaurants. With an outdoor patio that seems designed for frittering away lazy summer afternoons and BTB just upstairs, it’s a destination that can cure what ails you, whatever that may happen to be. We had the pleasure recently of assisting them in refreshing their web site with a fully customized content management system that will help their web presence (and drink menu) remain as current and ever-changing as the college scene that they are steeped in.

The Challenge

Adam came to us with an existing redesign that was nearly-there and we were happy to use our design skills and WordPress expertise to take it the rest of the way there, and beyond. 

The Solution

Good Time Charley's New Website

Using the latest and greatest tools in our WordPress toolbox, we decided we could raise the bar. We polished up the design, crossed our t’s, dotted our lower-case j’s, and then provided a customized system for managing the Menus and Specials listings on the site.

The Result

Adam went from being in a position where he couldn’t update his site at all, to being in a position where there isn’t a single facet of his site that isn’t within his control. With manageable content types and groups for Specials and Menus, updating the content isn’t just possible, it’s easy. We implemented the whole site with functional editing in mind and it made all the difference. Like all our web development projects  do, we ended with a sit-down training session (this time including a healthy helping of pub chow). Adam was immediately able to pick up on how the backend functioned and before we left he was ready to start administering the site himself. Problem solved?

[build/create studios] was able to take over our project midstream from another designer and deliver the full package exactly as we intended it. They worked quickly and within our budget, and we are very satisfied with the final results.

You bet. Exceeding expectations is what we do.

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