August 27th, 2015
Plugin Announcement: Funding Serious

Funding Serious: a new plug-in for campaign-based fundraising

Let’s say you’re raising funds for an upcoming Rosh Hashanah celebration, and your goal is to bring in $5000. You Google around and find a walk-a-thon style fundraising website which seems to offer a good deal: they’ve got the classic fundraising thermometer, and the free startup fee makes this option tempting. But once donations start coming in, you can be sure they’ll take their cut—usually to the tune of at least 5%.

For a $5000 campaign, that’s $250.

Run your fundraising campaign yourself through Collegiate

With Funding Serious, you don’t have to worry about paying that extra percentage just to have someone host your fundraising platform. Why?

Because you are the fundraising platform.

You can use it as a fully-integrated part of your website to host fundraising campaigns whenever and however you choose. It comes with everything you’d expect: a tracker to visualize your progress, options to list recent and top donors, and a link you can use to promote your campaign across social media platforms.

Collegiate is all about ownership

Fundraising builds a strong sense of ownership and personal investment in a community. Your donors are giving to you, and you want to be able to assure them that their contributions go toward the cause they’re supporting. It’s no place for middle men playing third wheel to your efforts. These are your donors; this is your cause.

Own it.