January 28th, 2016
Problem shooting: How 5 minutes can save you 5 hours

problem shooting: how five minutes can save you five hoursYou’re about to make a change on your site. Should you talk to us first?

When we turn a Collegiate site over to you, our goal is that it will always work. It will never break and therefore you will never need to call us for support. But obviously, nothing ever goes entirely to plan. Sites need maintenance, and updates, and content changes. Most of these are routine, and we provide training when we first deliver your site so that you will know how to make these changes. And sometimes these changes are bigger, and you find yourself with a choice: do I do this myself, or do I call in support? Think about these factors as you begin problem shooting.

Talk to us before you change your 3rd party plugin

If you’ve decided to change one your 3rd party plugings, like your CRM, payment provider, or newsletter client, you will definitely want check with us first. A change in your 3rd party supplier is most likely to cause an integration error with your site. In this instance, a quick phone call with us can save you hours of stress trying to resolve a problem.

And actually, if you’re unhappy with any of these 3rd party services, we would be happy to provide insight as to some options.

How educated is your guess?

If you feel like you’re guessing (at best!) shoot us an email. We can help walk you through the steps, or catch potential problems before they occur. We will also have a good sense of whether what you’re trying to do is… doable.

This can be especially true for certain types of content, like a particularly complicated form.

Got it handled?

On the other hand, if you’re pretty sure you know what you’re doing, go for it. We’re not here to undermine your confidence—far from it! We look forward to a world where everyone feels capable when it comes to navigating the Internet and solving basic computer technical issues. If you can answer your question with a simple Google search and feel satisfied that you’ve worked your problem out, put it into action.

Want more problem shooting help? Check out our support posts!

We’ve been building a healthy backlog of support posts to answer various questions from other Collegiate users. So do take a look—you may find we’ve already addressed your problem!