Search Engine Optimization

Good Search Engine Optimization (SEO) practices should be a part of every inbound marketing campaign.  It’s just common sense. 

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Don’t build links.  Build relationships.

Rand Fishkin – Founder of Moz

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At build/create we take a holistic approach to SEO.

Ranking for keywords is great, but are those keywords the ones your optimal customers are looking for?

Understand the vocabulary.

Finding the best keywords for your website is where the merger of Marketing, Sales, and Technical SEO work together, because the words you use to describe your business aren’t the same ones your potential customers are using.  Using our holistic approach to web development, design, and marketing we get in your customers’ collective heads to understand what they’re searching for, why, and what words they’re using to describe their needs.  

Then we optimize your site to put you in front of them when they need you to the most.


Multi-Disciplinary SEO.

More than just finding the right words, building a powerhouse website requires advertising insights, market research, UX knowledge, and tech chops to keep every facet of the user experience firing on all cylinders.  Each piece balances to present a coherent experience for the user, and semantically correct markup for search engines.  When you put these pieces together, the result is an undeniably effective tool for reaching your customers.

We leverage the skills of every member of our team to do SEO that’s deeper than keywords.


Do You Understand Your SEO Metrics?

Let Eric break down our methodology for helping you understand what’s happening on your website.

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Not sure how your site is doing so far?  Use our free audit tool and see!


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