March 3rd, 2017

Step 3: EP8 – Motivate Me

Not just the title of a Good Charlotte song I used to listen to in those halcyon days of youth…

Though that is why I chose it.  But seriously- motivation is with us when we wake up, keeps us up at night, and buzzes in our ears all day every day.  The question is whether we’re listening to true motivators, or false ones.  Are we motivated by our fear of failure, or by a greater sense of purpose in our success?  You can see how the difference is pretty crucial to your happiness and mental health.

So strap in y’all, I’m going to lay out false motivators, and their accompanying true motivations that actually bring out the best in people.  So whether you manage staff, have colleagues that need an uplift, or are struggling with feeling motivated in your own personal endeavors, check this episode out, it’s a good one.

PS I fixed my recording issues so the audio quality is so much better, muchos apologies for the potato quality last week.

Listen to Episode 8 – Motivate Me (seriously do it)


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