Ideas are actually just all new ideas lobotomizing you.

 Inspirobot (an AI)

Yes, you’re all going to lose your jobs to robots. If you’re a Hallmark writer, you’re probably shaking in your boots reading that quote from Inspirobot up there. Well, you should be. Better start learning how to make custom fanny packs to sell on Etsy.

Now that we’ve addressed the elephant question in the room, let’s talk about AI. Specifically, AI and web development. Is AI a threat to web developers? I think so. This guy thinks so. And DeepCoder, a Microsoft AI project, is the biggest player trying to take our jobs.

In addition to DeepCoder, softwares like The Grid, Firedrop, and B12 all aim to get their Skynet-loving hands dirty in the garden of earthly AI delights. Even Wix *Booooooo!* is hopping on the bandwagon.

Who cares, Doug. Get to the point.

Well, while AI still has a long way off until it completely takes over the business, web developers will soon be like the chemists – the golden age for them is over, and the more that automation takes over (thanks, Jordan Walke), the fewer “regular” devs we’ll need, and the more higher level devs we’ll need.

There is, however, a silver lining. You, as a web developer or web agency, can utilize AI in your development process and in your products to make your and your customer’s experience better.

Here are some of the benefits of integrating AI into your product development:

  1. Better user experience – AI has a lot to offer in terms of UX. Chat bots have come a long way since Clippy, that little paperclip that used to come with Word. They are one of the more emerging trends when it comes to improving user experience – particularly eCommerce chat bots. Companies like H&M, Burberry, and Sephora all have employed chatbots for their users’ convenience, and to good reception.
  2. Better developer experience –  AI tools actually can make a developer’s life easier, even if you have to live in fear of it turning on you and holding your browsing history for ransom. It can take a lot of the leg work out of building websites, applications, and software. diffblue is an AI that can test, refactor, and secure your code. I’ll say it again: it can test, refactor, and secure your code. How awesome is that?

We are already surrounded.

You may not realize it, but AI is already being used on a ton of websites that you visit every day. Here are some examples. (Hint: if you’re not creative enough to figure out how to use AI in the websites that you build, steal these ideas.):

  1. Google – As you probably already know, Google uses AI in a lot of its functionality. Besides the obvious search algorithms, deep learning is used heavily in its other features, too. When you’re at home watching Nev and Max nail those catfishes with reverse image searches, you’re using AI.
  2. Slack – Use Slack? Know about Slackbot? Bet you didn’t even think about AI when you met that little bugger, did you? Or how about the TacoBot? You’re welcome.
  3. Netflix – How do you think Netflix figures out that since you binge watched “Honey Boo-Boo”, you’ll probably love “Buckwild”? They also use it to stop their content from buffering, even on slow Internet connections.

AI is here to stay, so get used to it.

It’s safe to say that we’re not getting rid of AI anytime soon, and it’s being used more and more on the web. As web developers, if we don’t keep up with the curve, we’re basically out of a job. So get out there and start learning, so you don’t lose your music career to this AI:


Seriously. It’s better than some of the stuff on the radio these days. *cough* Cardi B *cough*

Published 03/30/18 by Doug Sumner