is waiving their setup fees

Do you know what this deal looked like when it came our way?


From now till September 30th, is waiving their setup fee for any new clients who sign up for their service. That could mean you.

Why is this such great news?

Payment Gateways provide key infrastructure for your site

Simply put, on-site payment processing is a key perk of the Collegiate system. But to make use of it, you need a payment gateway. If you’ve signed up with a 3rd party host to handle your monetary transactions, like donations or ticket purchases, then they’ve already taken care of this for you—for a cost.

On the surface, is offering this same service, only now you get to access that service directly from the provider, instead of through a 3rd-party middle-man.

On-site payment processing in time for Student Orientation

It’s mid-August. We hate to say it, but the implication is clear: there’s only a few weeks left to get Collegiate up and running before Fall Semester. That’s why this deal has come at just the right time, and we’re happy for a chance to pass the savings on to you.

So don’t hold back. We know you were just waiting for the opportune moment.

It’s here.

Published 08/11/15 by Laura Lynch