Your website and data integrity is at the heart of what we do.

If there’s anything we’ve learned in over a decade of website development it’s that no business is too small to be the target of an online security attack.

Security breaches can happen a number of ways. On the human level, they can happen if an individual is not following safe password protocols, or is careless with the security of their personal devices. Websites can also be vulnerable on several fronts, from their hosting infrastructure, to the plugins used to maintain them.

Website Security Best Practices

At build/create, we believe it is important to be transparent with our clients about the steps we take to ensure their information security, as it pertains to their websites. We want you to feel confident that our practices are providing a groundwork for a secure and stable website that will be reliable for the long term.

Website Security Best Practices


Website Security Best Practices

Strong, unique passwords

We use long, randomly generated passwords on our accounts, following strong password protocols.

Website Security Best Practices

Two-factor authentication

Where applicable, we use two-factor authentication to protect the security of our resources.

Website Security Best Practices

User access management

We store client deliverables and information in a secure Google Drive environment, and use access management controls to prevent the accidental sharing of sensitive information.