June 22nd, 2016
We’re exploring a new Student Engagement App for Collegiate!


We been working on and with Collegiate for a couple years now, and recently we’ve been getting asked about what we can do to improve both the collection and management of student data. It’s a two-fold problem. First, you have to collect the data in the moment, or any chance at comprehensive or accurate data is lost. Second, once you collect data, you have to manage the custody of that data effectively so that it gets where it needs to go, and then is actionable once it gets there. A pile of uninterpretable data isn’t worth very much.

The solution we’re proposing is a Student Engagement App.

The app itself is focused on solving the first problem: collection of Student Engagement Data. It will make it easier for campus organizations to scan students into events with a mobile-to-mobile scanning interface.


The second part of the project is the creation of a Student Engagement Dashboard within Collegiate that will take the data collected and convert it into actionable information that can be used to achieve engagement goals, while still integrating with existing CRM systems.


For the full details, we encourage you to download our presentation. If this project is something that your organization is interested in being a part of, let us know!