August 19th, 2011

What Does a Free Website Look Like?

What Does a Free Website Look Like?

I get sales inquiries from potential clients every day. Every now and then, when we get around to the part where I tell them that a website cost thousands of dollars (not hundreds), the potential client will say,

“Wait a minute, when I registered my domain, GoDaddy offered to let me create a website right there for like, $200! Why does it cost you more than 10 times that amount to do the same thing?”

You can’t look at your website as being just another brick in a wall of overhead expenses. Your site isn’t just a placeholder to put your contact info on the interwebs. It’s an integral part of your business. It’s another team member. Done right, is should be a part of your everyday processes. Your staff interact with it, refer customers to it. It generates leads for you. It is the keystone of your online identity – your web presence.

If you are looking for a web site for a few hundred bucks, there is really nothing I can do to help you. (Maybe a really nice custom Facebook page design…) Sometimes the question isn’t that stark. Sometimes a lead is just curious to see the difference and understand what they are getting. In the past, I’ve always been disappointed that I did not have an example at hand to show them.


An example of a free website

I talked with a prospect earlier this week that used one such free website building application and this is what she got. Now and forever, I have the example that I always wanted.

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