October 5th, 2018

Why B2C Businesses Need Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Isn’t Just for B2B Companies

Business to Consumer (B2C) marketing discusses the approaches that a company takes in order to promote its products and services. The most effective B2C marketing tactics rely on emotionally evocative messaging to demonstrate the value of their brand to consumers. Furthermore, while many of these strategies used to be available to only the largest businesses, digital marketing has leveled the B2C online playing field. If you haven’t considered using B2C digital marketing for your business, there’s no time like the present to give it a closer look.

What Is B2C Digital Marketing & Why Is It Important?

To show you why B2C digital marketing is so important and why your corporation needs it, we are providing proven examples and strategies that we have used with our own clients. If you would like to build a strategy that will work for your B2C company, these tactics are a good place to start.

1. Personalize Emails to Your Consumers

Remember the days when you would receive an email with “Dear Sir or Madam” in the body? Personalization has come a long way since then. Try upping the ante by using merge tags to insert the first name of your consumers in the subject line. Or even better, place their first name in the opening paragraph paired with their favorite products.

Personalization and using a buyer’s name in the subject line increases open rate by 26%. This is because we as consumers feel “special” when we see our name, thinking that this email was curated just for us!

So where do you begin? Start by targeting emails to customers in specific ways, such as by using their first name in subject line or in the body of the email. Next, you can boost personalization by targeting these users’ birthdays. Finally, targeted personal campaigns increase engagement by 74%!

2. Look at the Size of Market

The consumer market is huge. Yes—huge, large, and in charge. With millions of consumers, content needs to target a specific audience. The B2C e-commerce market is projected to reach $7,724.8 Billion by 2025. This estimation means there is much room for businesses to make money and be profitable in the next few years. However, these businesses need to be strategic with their targeting. Knowing your market demographic and geographic target audience will surely help to make sure your company is spending its marketing dollars in the right place. Researching customer personas to find out your ideal customer representation is the first step in identifying your target market.

3. Add Value to Your Brand

In order to gain brand recognition, B2C marketers develop online publications and blogs created just for their target audiences. Online Media outlets, live videos and downloadable content all lead to brand value. B2C marketing allows you as a business owner to create a flawless impression for your shoppers.

When creating branded content, creating an emotional connection with your customers will help them identify with your brand. Think of the Dawn Dish Soap commercial featuring wildlife rescue experts who save and clean the animals with Dawn. The emotion that arises from seeing that commercial allows buyers to know that when they purchase Dawn, they are using a soap that saves animals.

4. Beat Competition and Own the Online Space

If your consumer-based business isn’t online, you can bet your last dollar that your competitor is. Don’t let your competitor own the online space for your target discovery keywords. Even if you have a consumer type business whose products are found at a trade show or named by a referral, many prospects will still take your business name to Google to learn more about you. Having an online presence shows credibility.

Digital credibility and visibility are important to show up in Google’s top 10 search results. Search rankings are a competitive space, and appearing on page one can be difficult. When your buyers search for your target keywords, you want to be seen in those search results. If your brand name doesn’t come up but your competitor does, your business loses brand prestige. Homing in on your target keywords and choosing a specific SEO strategy will help your brand beat competition and own the online space.

5. Allow Content Leverage

Leveraging equity content will increase your website authority with Google, grow keyword rankings, build brand awareness, and nurture trust with your consumers. So, how do you begin producing equity content for your B2C company?

Blogging is an element of digital marketing overlooked by many verticals. However, blogging is a component that can increase brand awareness and digital authority on Google. The main aspect of blogging is to show that your business is the industry expert in your field by generating equity content. Equity content is content that is produced based on keywords that are related to your products. According to Forbes, “Brands develop equity content in order to spread brand awareness that is based on its recognition.”

6. Engage with Customers

The goal of B2C marketing is to sell products and services to its target consumers. In order to reach that goal, B2C digital marketers have to speak to their audience in a way that establishes trust and brand authority. Seems like a tall order, right? Where does your B2C company begin?

Social media is a great place to start. Posting a live video on Instagram of a new product, where followers can comment in the feed and ask questions about the product, will help legitimize your brand to new prospects. Also, consistent and timely replies to comments, private messages, and questions on your social page will allow you to engage with your customers and build a relationship between them and your brand.

7. Track Results

Digital marketing Ann Arbor is one of the best types of marketing because it allows you to track results, analytics and the return on investment of your marketing dollars. For your B2C corporation, your main goal as described above is to sell products or services. So how do you track how many products you are selling through digital marketing campaigns?

Setting up the proper strategic Google and social campaign ads will allow you to track conversions and tell you how much you spent per click, impression, and sale. Based on those results, you can tailor the campaigns to better suit your goals and budget.

B2C Digital Marketing Is All About the Consumer!

In conclusion, knowing your audience and building brand awareness helps your B2C marketing plan succeed. Your B2C business has all the tools it needs in order to succeed, as long as you leverage its content and engage with your customer base.

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